BLAQUE – A New Look At Fetish vol. II

Darque, whom I interviewed a couple of weeks ago, has released his second book, BLAQUE – A New Look At Fetish vol. II. Blaque: A New Look at Fetish, Vol. II Indigo Blaque LLC’s New Table Top Book, Announcing the release of Blaque: A New Look at Fetish, Vol. II, by Fetish Photographer Darque ofContinue reading “BLAQUE – A New Look At Fetish vol. II”

BlackBEAT Atlanta

I got this in my mail, and I thought I would pass it along.  If your in the Atlanta area, I expect this to be a great group. Greetings to all: Some of you know, others probably will find out soon enough, but we’ve taken the plunge and created Black BEAT Atlanta! We’ve received permissionContinue reading “BlackBEAT Atlanta”

Book of Days – 7/6/09

A few posts back I wrote about a new blog spot called Service Savoire Faire started by a friend.  One of the blogs was about a book of days.  This is a way to remember the “now” moments of life and is something that is done every Monday or more if you like.  Today is my firstContinue reading “Book of Days – 7/6/09”

Huston: We Haz Mo Sex; Fort Worth: We have a Problem.

Today I bring you news from Texas. First up, I found this today on the web: Huston has more sex than any other city in the US.  Well at least according to a non-scientific study by Trojan Condoms.  The Huston Press blog Hair Balls fills in the details. So you can see why we mightContinue reading “Huston: We Haz Mo Sex; Fort Worth: We have a Problem.”