Black BEAT 2014: A Call for Presenters

Black BEAT 2014 August 14-17- Maryland A Call for Presenters A. Black BEAT’s educational program provides opportunities for learning through watching, listening, practicing and sharing our knowledge and experience! We are currently seeking a limited number of presenters for ·Beginner, intermediate and advanced topics (i.e., extreme edge play, spiritual classes and everything in between). ·HandsContinue reading “Black BEAT 2014: A Call for Presenters”

BlackB.E.A.T. 2013 Canceled

Sad news folks. I received word yesterday that BlackB.E.A.T. won’t be happening this year. While the details as to why the event was canceled, they did say that they were looking for volunteers to run the event in 2014.  You can read more about it here. As avid readers of my blog already know, I haveContinue reading “BlackB.E.A.T. 2013 Canceled”

North Carolina Leather History Conference

A long time ago I taught history (a long time is about 2 decades btw). So, I am always interested in what we can learn from our past. See where we came from. Where we are headed. That is why I am spending this weekend at the first ever North Carolina Leather History Conference. IContinue reading “North Carolina Leather History Conference”

Sad News about BlackBEAT Conference

There is some sad news about BlackBEAT this year. Changes for Black BEAT 09! Unfortunately, we couldn’t BEAT the economy, even though we had high hopes. Record low registration did not afford us the opportunity to produce the annual conference in a manner befitting to our family. Thus, we must inform you that Black BEATContinue reading “Sad News about BlackBEAT Conference”