FetLife’s Great Purge

Looks like our favorite fetish social network is purging again, and has been silent on it again too. Right now there is no credit card payment option, no add new group link, and groups and fetishes on the banned words list are disappearing. The only official word on the recent actions taken were on a postContinue reading “FetLife’s Great Purge”

Fetish Porn Mogul Arrested for Cocaine Possession By Cops Investigating Indoor Shooting Range In His Dungeon

Fetish Porn Mogul Arrested for Cocaine Possession By Cops Investigating Indoor Shooting Range In His Dungeon (UPDATE). I found this earlier today and thought I would share it with you all, in case you missed it. It is related to Kink.com fwiw. MV

Attention California: A Call to Action by the NCSF

I saw this today, and I thought I would pass it along. From the NCSF website. Action Alert – Take Action Californians! Our BDSM communities could be adversely impacted by a well-intentioned, but overly broad, piece of proposed criminal legislation that has been introduced by Senator Christine Kehoe in the California Senate.  NCSF is askingContinue reading “Attention California: A Call to Action by the NCSF”

Master Void on Consent

My Google reader had two interesting articles in it about consent and the law today. One happened in Australia, the other in Sweden. Both involve a man being aggressive to a woman. Both are kind of complex situations. The Australian one involves a man and his ex-wife/former submissive. The other involves a 32 year old man andContinue reading “Master Void on Consent”

LA Dungeon Scene of Murder and Fire

I found out about this disturbing news this weekend. While it is scene related, I think it is more of a case of work place violence.  Basically, it seems that the alleged murderer was fired from the club earlier, then came back, shot the owner in the head and set fire to the club. ItContinue reading “LA Dungeon Scene of Murder and Fire”

Things in the News

Not sure what to make of the first story, but it should go without saying that a 50 should not be playing with 15 and 17 year olds. A Christchurch man has been convicted on two charges relating to cutting and scarring two teenage girls who went to a house he had converted into aContinue reading “Things in the News”