FetLife’s Great Purge

17 01 2017

Looks like our favorite fetish social network is purging again, and has been silent on it again too. Right now there is no credit card payment option, no add new group link, and groups and fetishes on the banned words list are disappearing. The only official word on the recent actions taken were on a post about removing blood photos and that it was due to the new political climate here in America.

I’ll post any updates I find out.


Fetish Porn Mogul Arrested for Cocaine Possession By Cops Investigating Indoor Shooting Range In His Dungeon

12 02 2013

Fetish Porn Mogul Arrested for Cocaine Possession By Cops Investigating Indoor Shooting Range In His Dungeon (UPDATE).

I found this earlier today and thought I would share it with you all, in case you missed it. It is related to Kink.com fwiw.


Attention California: A Call to Action by the NCSF

6 04 2011

I saw this today, and I thought I would pass it along. From the NCSF website.

Action Alert – Take Action Californians!

Our BDSM communities could be adversely impacted by a well-intentioned, but overly broad, piece of proposed criminal legislation that has been introduced by Senator Christine Kehoe in the California Senate.  NCSF is asking all of you to sign and send to NCSF letters (a draft is attached below) that we can introduce if necessary at a hearing likely to be held in April, 2011.

The purpose of the bill, SB 430, is to permit effective prosecution of strangulation or suffocation “in domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and elder abuse cases.” But the bill’s application could go far beyond those situations and result in felony prosecutions for use of hoods, gags and the like in BDSM play. There would be no requirement of “an intent to kill or injure,” or of “visible injuries,” and there is no mention of consent as a defense.

NCSF has been in touch with Senator Kehoe’s staff, which has seemed sympathetic, and has proposed modifications of the bill’s language that would address our concerns.  Now we need to follow up by presenting at the hearing as many letters as possible that support the goal of prosecuting domestic violence, but only if language is inserted that protects our communities.

We urge you to sign the attached letter, modified as you see fit, and send it back to NCSF.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

822 Guilford Avenue, Box 127

Baltimore, MD 21202-3707

Dear NCSF:

I fully support the worthy goal of Senator Kehoe’s proposed legislation, to ensure that strangulation and suffocation can be effectively prosecuted in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and elder abuse. But I am very concerned that SB 430 as now worded might be used to prosecute elements of non-harmful, consensual BDSM (Bondage, Domination/submission, Sadomasochism) activity between adults, such as the use of gags or hoods. This could subject millions of tax paying, law-abiding Americans to criminal prosecution, merely for engaging in erotic, mutually pleasurable conduct.

Therefore I and thousands of other Californians would be able to support this otherwise valuable legislation only if it is modified by specifically excluding non-assault activities.

I join you in urging Senator Kehoe to incorporate in this bill the language NCSF has proposed.


Your Name

Your Address (with ZIP CODE)


Take action that you feel appropriate.


Master Void on Consent

15 09 2010
Martin Van Maele - La Grande Danse macabre des...

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My Google reader had two interesting articles in it about consent and the law today. One happened in Australia, the other in Sweden. Both involve a man being aggressive to a woman. Both are kind of complex situations. The Australian one involves a man and his ex-wife/former submissive. The other involves a 32 year old man and a 16 year old woman.

BDSM is what we all are claiming to practice. But in truth, BDSM requires consent. My esclave consents to what I do with and to her.  She can have me stop at any time. But the other two went too far.  In Australia, consent seems very clearly to have been withdrawn.  A restraining order was even issued. She was with another Dominant. Relationship should have been over. Without consent, BDSM becomes abuse.

In Sweden, the issue revolves around the issues of consent and age. Can a 16 year old (with a history of self abuse if the article is accurate) consent to Sadomasochistic activities? Did her partner take advantage of her? It is hard to say. I don’t think so. Even if she is above the age of consent in Sweden, the brain is still developing at that age. No, I think such things are wrong.

There is no checklist to see if your relationship is abuse in a BDSM context. There are many, many relationships that would complete any checklist.  But there is one word that sums up the difference between abuse and fun.


If you aren’t consenting to your lover’s curent activities, or you have been so abuse you can no longer not consent, please get help.

Otherwise, keep on having fun.

Let me know what you think, in the comments please.


LA Dungeon Scene of Murder and Fire

4 08 2010

I found out about this disturbing news this weekend. While it is scene related, I think it is more of a case of work place violence.  Basically, it seems that the alleged murderer was fired from the club earlier, then came back, shot the owner in the head and set fire to the club.

It has been a while since I have read anything this bad involving the scene. You can read more about it here and here.

From LA Weekly Blogs:

Fifty-three-year-old David Edward Albert of Simi Valley was expected to be in court in Inglewood Thursday afternoon for his arraignment. He faces charges of murder, arson and animal cruelty. The body of the owner’s dog was also found in the building.

Prosecutors allege that the suspect shot John Lavine, owner of the Passive Arts bondage club, several times in the head before sparking the blaze at the La Cienega Boulevard building in the city of Lennox.

Authorities said Albert was found hiding in bushes across the street from the smoldering venue Tuesday morning. He was bleeding, and he said he had been hit by a car. But deputies didn’t buy it and placed him under arrested.


Things in the News

30 09 2008

Not sure what to make of the first story, but it should go without saying that a 50 should not be playing with 15 and 17 year olds.

A Christchurch man has been convicted on two charges relating to cutting and scarring two teenage girls who went to a house he had converted into a dungeon.

The man, an importer in his 50s, was acquitted on charges of indecent assault and doing indecent acts.

The trial was told of girls aged 15 and 17 undergoing the practice. One had a dragon image cut into her skin, and the other had cuts in between her breasts.

At least one of them had been chained when the cutting was done.


On a lighter note, puppy play is in the news in Dallas, TX.

A proud member of the leather community, Fiddick presents “Pup 101,” a Saturday morning workshop at the International Puppy & Trainer Conference which will be held in conjunction at this weekend’s Beyond Vanilla conference, a BDSM social weekend.

Fiddick explains that puppy play isn’t really that sexual. Now some canines are into “breeding sessions,” but that’s usually geared for dogs, who are generally more mature, might not have as much energy as a puppy and are typically less playful.

Sounds like fun.  Maybe I should get myself a puppy.


Strange Happenings in Flordia

21 08 2008

Normally I don’t mention things that aren’t kinky or pervertable, but this time I think it is important. Our schools should be safe for our children, no matter what their sexual orientation is. That is why I was saddened to see an update to this story.

The American Civil Liberties Union successfully sued the district on behalf of a girl who protested against Principal David Davis, and a federal judge reprimanded Davis for conducting a “witch hunt” against gays. Davis was demoted, and school employees must now go through sensitivity training.

And despite all that, many in this conservative Panhandle community still wonder what, exactly, Davis did wrong.

“We are a small, rural district in the Bible Belt with strong Christian beliefs and feel like homosexuality is wrong,” said Steve Griffin, Holmes County’s school superintendent, who keeps a Bible on his desk and framed scriptures on his office walls.

I know at least one place I won’t ever be going to.  Love our children, don’t inflict hate upon them.


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