A Technical Workshop on Protocols and Other Important Things.

Well, this is not the news I hinted at yesterday, but sometimes you run across things that call for attention. The House of Decorum is now hosting a Technical Workshop for all those interested. This workshop will cover the following … How to negotiate, How to write a petition, How to write a contract, HowContinue reading “A Technical Workshop on Protocols and Other Important Things.”

Protocols Part 4: Developing Protocols for Groups

This is part of my protocol series, which can be found here, here, and here. I recently had to decide on a protocol for a group I hosted here at the House of Void. There was a diverse group, and I needed to come up with some simple rules of behavior. Fortunately, I had someContinue reading “Protocols Part 4: Developing Protocols for Groups”

Protocols Pt. 3

I have been asked to post something about the protocols that I have developed for esclave. I have tried to keep certain things in mind when developing them, irregardless of the origin of the protocol. The protocol should be simple: Easily explained with normal words and no jargon. The protocol should be practical: It shouldContinue reading “Protocols Pt. 3”

Protocols pt. 1

I am a big fan of protocols in the lifestyle. I believe that protocols define a set of behaviors in a given situation. Protocols make the Dominant’s and submissive’s roles easier to manage and provide defined expectations for both roles. If I do not lay out clear instructions and directions for how my slave isContinue reading “Protocols pt. 1”