Find A Munch

For those of you looking to meet people who are also into kink in a realtime and safe environment, please check out the MALL directory (aka: The Munch+Adult Local Link). From the site publisher: The Directory is an extensive collection of links and descriptions to locality-based groups, gatherings and resources worldwide.  It has been in developmentContinue reading “Find A Munch”

Reflections on what home feels like

I was recently interviewed for an article concerning the first conference I have ever went to…BlackBEAT. I read the article and wasn’t really feeling the slant the article took and it didn’t actually vibe with me.  For some reason I kept wishing that the article was focussed more on expanding the classes, having more extras…fun,Continue reading “Reflections on what home feels like”

Nancy Ava Miller

So every once and a while, I run across something I find fascinating. That happened a few weeks ago when I was approached about Nancy Ava Miller doing a tour to support her new book: PERVERT: Notes from the Sexual Underground. I did a bit of research and found out that she is the ladyContinue reading “Nancy Ava Miller”

Custom BDSM Jewelry

While I was at FFF this weekend, I ran across a very interesting vendor who creates custom BDSM oriented jewelry.  While I didn’t purchase anything from him this weekend, I had a good discussion and carefully inspected the goods he had on display.  Symbolic Treasures was the name of the store. They specialize in customContinue reading “Custom BDSM Jewelry”

Kinky Steampunk Death-Ray Vibrators from the Sky!

Ok, so steampunk amuses me. I like the idea of gears and steam and oil. The look of bronze and brass polished and shining. So when I stumbled across Lady Clankington’s Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities, I was very much interested. I was expecting the normal level of  build quality.  Something like this. Sadly, the picturesContinue reading “Kinky Steampunk Death-Ray Vibrators from the Sky!”