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16 07 2013

For those of you looking to meet people who are also into kink in a realtime and safe environment, please check out the MALL directory (aka:

Large Chips - Zest Wraps QV AUD4

Large Chips – Zest Wraps QV AUD4 (Photo credit: avlxyz)

The Munch+Adult Local Link). From the site publisher:

The Directory is an extensive collection of links and descriptions to locality-based groups, gatherings and resources worldwide.  It has been in development for several years, being actively expanded and edited nearly every day.  Currently, it has 1000s of links and 100s of daily views.  Additionally, it has articles of use to lifestyle newcomers and to group organizers.

I’ve been meaning to link to it before. I think it will help you find someplace to get together. I wish a resource like this was around when I started out.


Reflections on what home feels like

19 06 2012

I was recently interviewed for an article concerning the first conference I have ever went to…BlackBEAT.

I read the article and wasn’t really feeling the slant the article took and it didn’t actually vibe with me.  For some reason I kept wishing that the article was focussed more on expanding the classes, having more extras…fun, fun, fun.

Then I thought about it more.  This article was actually spot on.  There was so much truth in this article….simple truth that makes BlackBEAT more than just another conference in a long line of conferences.  There is just something about hugs at BlackBEAT.

When I made the decision to attend BlackBEAT alone I worried that I would get lost in the mix of people that would attend.  One of the things I did was sign up to volunteer so that I could be seen and get to know others who came.  I am normally a quiet person in crowds and not very welcoming to others so this was my way of getting out of my head.   I had no need to worry.  The first person I met when I entered the hotel was Cyberdiva.  She might not realize this or even remember it but that hug and welcome she gave me meant the world to me.  I felt accepted and welcomed.

It touched something in me and  no matter what the rest of the conference held that hug opened me up to be receptive to other hugs and other meetings and other experiences outside of what I usually allowed in my personal space.  When Master and I were leaving the O’Kink Family Reunion, Mistress Max hugged me to say goodbye and I just broke down and cried.  There is just something about hugs given and received at BlackBEAT.

I have to say with each BlackBEAT I have attended it is the same feeling…even at the scaled down day of Survivor Saturday.  Seeing everyone, coming home, being around family…those are the things that make BlackBEAT for me.  The classes, the knowledge shared, the lessons taught and learned are icing on a delicious red velvet cake.

Think I am the only way who feels this way…Nopecheck it outthere are others.

If you feel like stepping out and attending a conference this should be your first step…BlackBEAT 2012.  Go with open arms as hugs will be given freely.

PUSH it.

6 06 2012

That was a good song. Loved it.

Saw this posted today on FetLife, an event in Durham, NC called PUSH. It seems interesting.  If it were closer, I would try to attend.  You might want to check it out if you are looking for something to do on June 16th.

Details are here.

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Nancy Ava Miller

27 04 2011

So every once and a while, I run across something I find fascinating. That happened a few weeks ago when I was approached about Nancy Ava Miller doing a tour to support her new book: PERVERT: Notes from the Sexual Underground. I did a bit of research and found out that she is the lady that founded PEP. Wow, what a great thing.  And the book too. So, take a moment, go to her site and read about the book. I asked nicely and her publicist sent me something to put up here too.  Read and learn, after the break.

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Custom BDSM Jewelry

29 09 2010

While I was at FFF this weekend, I ran across a very interesting vendor who creates custom BDSM oriented jewelry.  While I didn’t purchase anything from him this weekend, I had a good discussion and carefully inspected the goods he had on display.  Symbolic Treasures was the name of the store. They specialize in custom work, and can create a wide variety of items.  The thing he was most proud of was a heart shaped lock that he created. It was very sturdy, I tried to pull it appart, and couldn’t get it to budge with just my hands.

He had a couple of very delicate, artistic collars on display as well, so this is another option for those who want a more sophisticated collar for their slave.

I liked this guy’s work, and while his stuff isn’t cheap, I think it is reasonably priced for sterling silver.

Check him out.


Kinky Steampunk Death-Ray Vibrators from the Sky!

1 09 2010

Not the Lady Clankington Vibrator. Used under Creative Commons license. Click on image for details.

Ok, so steampunk amuses me. I like the idea of gears and steam and oil. The look of bronze and brass polished and shining. So when I stumbled across Lady Clankington’s Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities, I was very much interested. I was expecting the normal level of  build quality.  Something like this.

Sadly, the pictures of the items on the site don’t live up to my expectations. Basically it is a modern vibrator, wrapped in a sub-par case.  Personally, I wouldn’t buy on based on what I saw.  But it does look interesting.  Perhaps if it lines were smoother, a bit more attention paid to the details. Something that looked more artsy.

But as it is, it isn’t worth my cash.

Naked Pools For The Win

16 06 2010

I ran across this story in the USAToday about hotels in Las Vegas offering an experience in a pool I would really love to experience. I like the idea of being pool side, surrounded by half naked women with servers being at your beck and call.  Now if I only had the cash to experience this too. LOL.

Adorned with lip stud, bellybutton ring, star tattoos and perfect makeup, off-duty exotic dancer Erika Murphy leaps into the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino like a happy seal and flutters her bikini-covered tush to hip-hop music blaring on the mega-sound system. Another woman struts poolside showing off a tattoo above her low-riding swimsuit bottom that reads: “Lucky You.”

Around them, several thousand attending the weekly “Rehab” party toss back beer or fruity drinks in plastic cups, smooch on daybeds, troll for hookups or merely gape at a level of revelry usually not reached at 2 p.m. on a Sunday.

“I’ve never seen anything like this, ever,” says Detroit-area financial adviser Jeremy Bachusz, 30, watching from the sidelines with pals on a Vegas getaway. “It’s not going to happen anywhere else.”


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