I Too Are An Internets Dominate

Ok, this shouldn’t take too long.  Pay attention. There will be a quiz at the end. I see a fairly common statement made by D-types out on the internets, and I feel compelled to say something. If you have made this mistake, please take note of what I am about to tell you and correctContinue reading “I Too Are An Internets Dominate”

BDSM 101: Your First Club Event

I wrote previously about going to your first munch. There are other types of BDSM events as well. The next one I want to look at is the Club Event. BDSM clubs meet in various hotel rooms, leather bars and whatnot across the country. They are more focused on education than your average munch group.Continue reading “BDSM 101: Your First Club Event”

BDSM 101: Collaring and Collaring Ceremonies

I posted a few weeks ago about the ceremony that my esclave and I went through that formally acknowledged our relationship. In the lifestyle we call this a collaring ceremony. The collar is a physical representation of the spiritual bond between a Dominant and his submissive. A collaring ceremony is akin to a wedding inContinue reading “BDSM 101: Collaring and Collaring Ceremonies”

BDSM 101: Household Task Management

One of the responsibilities of a dominant is to keep his (or her) household running smoothly.  There are many tricks to doing this, but I have found a nice (and free) online service called Remember the Milk. To say that it is just another online todo list would be an understatement of its capabilities.  WhileContinue reading “BDSM 101: Household Task Management”

BDSM 101: Your First Munch

So, you have found this blog, and you have been thinking about going real time but you don’t know what to do next. One popular option is something we call a Munch. What is a Munch? If you’re new, you may have never heard of Munches. They are basically gatherings of kinky folk that getContinue reading “BDSM 101: Your First Munch”