Sex Ed Gets Serious at Northwestern Universtity

16 03 2011

I thought I would share this with you in case you hadn’t heard. NorthWestern University in Evanston Illinois apparently has a “Human Sexuality” course well worth attending.  While most teachers are content to simply discuss sex or even showing a few pictures of human anatomy. 600 students stayed after the main class for an optional, non-credit lab where members of the local BDSM community discussed their practices.


At the end, one of the presenters stripped down and demonstrated how to bring a woman to an orgasm after watching what was apparently one of the standard sanitary videos.To read more about this article, click here.

I wish they had classes like that when I was in school.



LeatherFET or How to Fail at Organizing a Community Uniting Event.

3 09 2010

Charlotte Pano by James Willamor. Used under Creative Commons License, click for details.

What I write today is simply an opinion, my opinion.  I derived my opinion from my experiences in the local community.  I welcome all feed back and critiques.

LeatherFET was a fascinating event concept. Unite both the leather communities and the fetish communities for a party that would rock Charlotte all weekend.  Have good history and education track. Invite John Baku down for the keynote. Sounds wonderful. Can’t fail right?

Hmm, let us see what someone can do to make it fail. Let us take someone who has threatened to take the board of directors for a local BDSM education organization to court, left threatening voicemails that target a board member, her child and husband, and lost her sash and put them in charge of the whole event.  Put in charge of education someone who continually feels compelled to apologize to the community for her outbursts. Sell the event as an annual event even though it never happened before.

And belittle those who object to the leaders of the event as not supporting community building.

Yep the perfect way to have an event fail in my opinion. Most of the established community in Charlotte won’t be attending, I know I am with them. And I hope you won’t be either.

While I think the idea is a wonderful one, one I wish I could support. But in order to build connections in the community you have to have the respect of those in the community. I don’t have respect any longer for those associated with the event. One is known for the company we keep. And I choose to keep away.

If you want to read someone else’s opinion about the latest events in the Charlotte kink community, click here. (FetLife Membership required).



BDSM 101: Your First Club Event

1 04 2009

I wrote previously about going to your first munch. There are other types of BDSM events as well. The next one I want to look at is the Club Event.

BDSM clubs meet in various hotel rooms, leather bars and whatnot across the country. They are more focused on education than your average munch group. A munch group may teach, but it is more likely to be in the form of one on one tutoring, rather than a presentation during the munch. That said some munch groups are clubs and some clubs behave like a munch group, so don’t get hung up on a name. Also, unlike a munch, a club meeting is not usually focused on food.

Imagine a hall filled with chairs, all facing the same direction. A podium or a table is at the end of the room, and everyone is focused on the animated speaker that is discussing one area or another of our perversions. There may be a demonstration model in some sort of bondage, while the presenter talks about the finer points of how to lay the rope or tie a knot.

The people in both of the events are the same, folks you wouldn’t notice out of place in your local grocery. But in the privacy of a meeting room, people are slightly more likely to wear more fetish gear. Nothing truly naughty, but maybe a corset, or a collar. Leather vests are certain to be found, and many may be mistaken for bikers.

A club also is likely to have business meetings before or after the presentation (generally before), and often have a play party afterwards in a nearby hotel, home, or dungeon. Vendors may also be present, often local craftsmen and women who make wonderful little toys to abuse your partner with.

So, what about your local club? Tell me about it, in the comments.

Video Friday

14 11 2008



Don’t rightly know what happened here. I posted a video and then it disappears. I will see if I can find it again.

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