Tales from the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel

27 10 2010

Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should.  Being unemployed is a huge time sink. But this week I have something I wanted to share with you.  Please help out if you can.


Greetings everyone. I just wanted to take a moment of your time to request that you send stories to me of your experiences and memories of PEPAtlanta and the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel. For many years, these two dungeons were the birthplace and growth of many people in the community, many relationships and even some marriages. I want to write two books, one about each of these places and I want to write them from the words and experiences of all of you. The community is very different today than it was in those days and I want people to read these books and understand and feel what made these two places so special. We had our problems and our challenges and yes, feel free to write about them as well, but both Doug and I saw some wondrous things in those years. First, you must understand that each week we invited you into our homes, to share our knowledge as well as the knowledge of others, to provide support and a safe haven were you could be and discover who you were and where, if at all, you fit into this lifestyle. Doug used to look at me and laugh when he said that one day he opened his doors and a few kids came in and sat at his feet and then they brought a few more and when he looked again, there was a room full. It was the age before the internet and these facilities were discovered primarily from ‘word of mouth.’ Every week we would tell you to bring someone with you next week and many of you did just that, lol. PEP believed in Jill Carter’s “Each One, Teach One” theory and it soon became our motto. Reading all of the stories shared on the FetLife thread let me know that most of you have a ‘favorite’ story to tell of your times at both of these places. I am asking you to please send those stories to me so that I can share them with the world. My goal is to have both books in publication by 2013 which will we our 10 year reunion since the closing of both facilities in 2003. I will be sending everyone a release form when you submit your stories and also any pictures that you allow to be published. (If a photo is used with multiple people, I must have a release from all parties involved). Although there will be stories that include PEP and Sanctuary in them, please try to send me separate stories for each place because there will be two separate books.
The e-mail address for PEP’s stories is: pepatlanta@yahoo.com
The e-mail address for the Sanctuary is: Dougssanctuary@yahoo.com
I know that I can speak for Doug when I say that for us this was always about love and family and helping those into self-exploration. I’m sure that Doug will enjoy these stories as much as I. We want those who never had the opportunity to experience these two places to be able to do so through your words and experiences. I am especially looking for stories from those who were with us at the beginning, in those early days.
After Nancy left Atlanta, PEP was held at “the House of the Ladies Way”, then our first apt, then the house on Lavista Drive, then the house off Piedmont Road, behind the Hot Spot, then two locations on Armour Drive and finally at 1763 Montreal Circle. I would like stories from those that attended any of those locations. Please distribute this to anyone that you feel may be interested since many have moved and are no longer local. Thank you and always remember to……….
Keep Love in the Lifestyle Always,

Lady D


NCSF Asks Community to File Complaints With Police About Eagle Raid

4 11 2009

Well, I had wanted to talk about John Baku’s latest project today. But a more urgent matter has come up, and since I like to be somewhat timely on my blog, I decided to bump John (Sorry man) and talk some more about the Atlanta Eagle Raid.

On November 3rd, the NCSF issued a news release, which I will quote below.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Lawless cops are a threat to everyone in America
NCSF joins state and local representatives in urging everyone to file a complaint if they were present at the Eagle on September 10th, when the Atlanta police illegally detained 62 patrons and 8 employees and searched them without a warrant, reasonable suspicion, or probable cause. You can file a complaint with the Atlanta Police Department and the Atlanta Citizen Review Board which is investigating the raid:
If you need to maintain anonymity, then please contact Dan Grossman, who represents the Eagle and many of the patrons in connection with the raid. Mr. Grossman can be reached at (404) 654-0326, or at a special email address established for this matter: AtlantaEagleLawyer@gmail.com.
CONFIDENTIALITY IS GUARANTEED UNDER ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE. If you ask a lawyer for legal advice, the lawyer can’t reveal anything you tell him, including your name: the police can’t require it, your name can’t be subpoenaed, and the court can’t demand it. If a lawyer breaks attorney-client privilege, he or she will be disbarred.
“It’s so important that our patrons come forward,” says Richard Ramey, co-owner of the Eagle. “Everyone needs to hear how badly our civil rights were violated.”
“Please call today!” urges Susan Wright, spokesperson for NCSF. “This is a clear human rights violation. If we don’t speak up, they won’t stop persecuting us. We are the only ones who can fight for our rights.”
To read more about what happened at the Atlanta Eagle, visit http://AtlantaEagleRaid.com
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) is funded solely by donations. Please visit our website to make a donation and help support this ongoing work: http://ncsfreedom.org/
Please distribute this Action Alert widely (filed November 3, 2009)

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)
The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances the equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual and relationship expression. NCSF advances the rights and advocates for consenting adults in the SM-Leather-Fetish, swing, and polyamory communities. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach in conjunction with our partner organizations to directly benefit these communities.
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Media hotline: (917) 848-6544 Office: (410) 539-4824

If you were there, please help fight this injustice.


Things to Mark on Your Calendar

9 10 2009

I noted a few conventions coming up, and I thought I would post about them so you keep them on your radar. One I am planning on going to, the other two are pretty good too.

© nora-s, used per creative commons.  See link for details.

© nora-s, used per creative commons. See link for details.

The first one started yesterday, and lasts through Sunday. DomCon – Atlanta, is a professional and Lifestyle domination convention. It has a interesting combination of classes for everyone and specific presentations for professionals. If you’re already in the area, a visit here could be very productive. I know a lot of my friends in Atlanta will be there. A one day pass is only $20 at the door. That is pretty reasonable in my book.

In October 2009, DomCon will be celebrating it’s 6 Year Anniversary in Atlanta, and will continue in it’s effort to bring the BDSM, Fetish and Leather Communities together to celebrate our commonality and respect our differences, to learn from each other, and to enjoy the company of each other for an unforgettable weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

Atlanta Police Raids Atlanta Eagle

16 09 2009

Last Thursday, the Atlanta Police Department decided to stage a raid on the Atlanta Eagle. For those not in the know, the Eagle is a leather bar in Atlanta. While I haven’t been to it, Eagles are usually nice places (all independently owned) for those interested in Leather Men or the like to hang out. I was disturbed to read that the Eagle was raided on Thursday. A great writeup by the Atlanta Progressive News was written by someone who was there.

The present writer for Atlanta Progressive News–who had come to the bar to dance–witnessed as several bar staff and male dancers were arrested between approximately 12:30am and 1am and taken away in paddy wagons, but it is not immediately clear why. One source stated he believed it was because the bar did not have a license for the dancers. (CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated patrons had been arrested; no patrons were arrested).
About ten police cars and about 15 cops raided the bar, allegedly looking for drugs.
However, the police were said to have ordered all patrons to get on the ground–including patrons who were just dancing or standing at the bar–and numerous patrons said people were handcuffed indiscriminately.
Bar patrons were furious at the aggressive and indiscriminate treatment and called the incident “harassment.”

(There are a lot of details in the article that I would recommend that you read.) Politicians running for mayor have criticized the raid. And the NCSF has condemned the raid.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
NCSF Condemns the Atlanta Police Department’s Raid on the Eagle
September 15, 2009 – On September 10th, the Atlanta Eagle was raided by local police who used excessive force and voiced anti-gay slurs while handcuffing 62 patrons and 8 employees, forcing them to lie face- down on the floor for over an hour. The strong use of force included the presence of the “Red Dog unit” which typically deals with crimes such as gang violence.
Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington held a press conference yesterday afternoon stating that the gay leather bar was raided because of anonymous complaints that came through the mayor’s office. One undercover officer stated in a September 11th report following the raid that it was the “conclusion of a several week investigation involving indecency and the club was providing adult entertainment without the proper permits to do so.”
“It’s a clear violation of the civil rights of those who were detained without cause,” says Susan Wright, NCSF Spokesperson. “Instead of making an arrest at the time of the alleged offense, the Atlanta vice squad spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer’s money to raid the gay leather bar and persecute Atlanta citizens.”
NCSF demands a full probe into the alleged misconduct and the allocation of resources by the Atlanta police department. NCSF also joins state and local representatives in urging anyone present the night of the arrests to step forward and file a formal complaint. Please contact NCSF for additional assistance to ensure that this matter is investigated in an open process.
A rally on Sunday at the Eagle drew a large presence in support of the victims by the LGBT community. Another rally is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2009.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)
The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances the equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual and relationship expression. NCSF advances the rights and advocates for consenting adults in the SM-Leather-Fetish, swing, and polyamory communities. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach in conjunction with our partner organizations to directly benefit these communities.
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (917) 848-6544 media@ncsfreedom.org http://www.ncsfreedom.org http://www.twitter.com/ncsf http://ncsf.wordpress.com

Personally, I am horrified that this kind of thing goes on. If you actually live in Atlanta, I would suggest that you contact your city government and let them know how you feel.

There was a protest in Atlanta this past Sunday, I wish I lived close enough so that attending the protest would have practical for me. Hundreds showed up. That is a good start. The inquiry is expected to last until at least December or January. I only hope that this doesn’t get brushed under the rug in the mean time.

Let me know what you think, in the comments.


BlackBEAT Atlanta Announces Their First Munch

20 07 2009

My girl is having ‘net problems, so I will fill your evening tonight with this announcement.

Join the Black Beat Atlanta Munch on Saturday, August 29th @ 2pm at the Jocks n Jills Sports Bar at Galleria

Topics for discussion will be: DomCon Atlanta, potential membership drive, planning for BlackBeat 2010 and misc.

We’ll meet in the private skybox under the name: BBAtl Chat Group

The skybox has been set up where you can order food, drinks, or both, or you can chill enjoy the convo and atmosphere. If you don’t eat or drink, plan to bring a tip for using the skybox.

PLEASE REMEMBER! While this is a sports bar and the dress code might be a bit more liberal, this is still a PUBLIC area. PLEASE KEEP YOUR FETISH WEAR TO A MINIMUM!

Also while the name might be Black Beat, we welcome and encourage all ethnicities, sexualities, and kinks.

ALERT!! Its sad to say it, but we will be in the skybox from 2pm-4pm, so we will start on TIME!

Old saying “If you’re 15 min early, your’re on time, if you’re on time, your’re late.”

I will be there.  Will you?


BlackBEAT Atlanta

8 07 2009

I got this in my mail, and I thought I would pass it along.  If your in the Atlanta area, I expect this to be a great group.

Greetings to all:

Some of you know, others probably will find out soon enough, but we’ve taken the plunge and created Black BEAT Atlanta!

We’ve received permission to put things together, so now I’m emailing most of you that are in the Southeast area as well that might know people that have been wanting to figure out what’s going on.

Those of you on FetLife can find the group under Black Beat Atlanta Munch Group, and I just created the yahoo group earlier this evening as well:


If you know anyone that would be interested in joining and participating in the group, by all means send the email with the link to the yahoo/fetlife group and go from there.

Plans are in the works to do a startup munch in late September, before DOMCON Atlanta.

Hope to see you soon…

Pharaoh Khaf-Ra

You may recalll Pharaoh Khaf-Ra from an earlier post. I wish him and the other leaders of the group luck, and I intend to try to make the September munch, if my work allows.  See you there.


SELF Again

8 06 2009

I found an interesting article today that reminds me that SELF (the South-East LeatherFest) is coming up soon.  It is a major BDSM convention in Atlanta, and will be celebrating 25 years of existance this year. While I have only been to the vendor rooms (damn budgeting, I will make it there some day), I hear wonderful things about it.

Southern Voice has a wonderful write up about it. If your going to be in the Atlanta area June 12-14, stop in and check it out.

Celebrating its 25th festival this year and open to all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, SELF includes a weekend full of classes, entertainment, parties and role-playing.

Organizers have shifted the schedule so that there is more programming on Friday and less on Sunday, have lowered ticket prices across the board and are offering one-day and vendor fair-only passes.

“We’re a little different this year,” says SELF co-owner Catherine Gross. “Everyone else has had to tighten their belt. We are a community event, why shouldn’t we do the same thing? We know what’s going on with our attendees, everyone has been hit hard… It was the right thing to do, and we did it.”

Last year, a good friend got an award at SELF, this year friends are running for the Master and Slave title.  I wonder what else will happen.

Share your SELF memories, please, in the comments.


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