Tales from the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel

Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should.  Being unemployed is a huge time sink. But this week I have something I wanted to share with you.  Please help out if you can.   Greetings everyone. I just wanted to take a moment of your time to request that you send stories toContinue reading “Tales from the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel”

NCSF Asks Community to File Complaints With Police About Eagle Raid

Well, I had wanted to talk about John Baku’s latest project today. But a more urgent matter has come up, and since I like to be somewhat timely on my blog, I decided to bump John (Sorry man) and talk some more about the Atlanta Eagle Raid. On November 3rd, the NCSF issued a newsContinue reading “NCSF Asks Community to File Complaints With Police About Eagle Raid”

Things to Mark on Your Calendar

I noted a few conventions coming up, and I thought I would post about them so you keep them on your radar. One I am planning on going to, the other two are pretty good too. The first one started yesterday, and lasts through Sunday. DomCon – Atlanta, is a professional and Lifestyle domination convention.Continue reading “Things to Mark on Your Calendar”

Atlanta Police Raids Atlanta Eagle

Last Thursday, the Atlanta Police Department decided to stage a raid on the Atlanta Eagle. For those not in the know, the Eagle is a leather bar in Atlanta. While I haven’t been to it, Eagles are usually nice places (all independently owned) for those interested in Leather Men or the like to hang out.Continue reading “Atlanta Police Raids Atlanta Eagle”

BlackBEAT Atlanta Announces Their First Munch

My girl is having ‘net problems, so I will fill your evening tonight with this announcement. Join the Black Beat Atlanta Munch on Saturday, August 29th @ 2pm at the Jocks n Jills Sports Bar at Galleria Topics for discussion will be: DomCon Atlanta, potential membership drive, planning for BlackBeat 2010 and misc. We’ll meetContinue reading “BlackBEAT Atlanta Announces Their First Munch”

BlackBEAT Atlanta

I got this in my mail, and I thought I would pass it along.  If your in the Atlanta area, I expect this to be a great group. Greetings to all: Some of you know, others probably will find out soon enough, but we’ve taken the plunge and created Black BEAT Atlanta! We’ve received permissionContinue reading “BlackBEAT Atlanta”