Sad News about BlackBEAT Conference

22 06 2009

There is some sad news about BlackBEAT this year.

Changes for Black BEAT 09!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t BEAT the economy, even though we had high hopes. Record low registration did not afford us the opportunity to produce the annual conference in a manner befitting to our family. Thus, we must inform you that Black BEAT 09’s 3 day conference has been modified to a one day event. We apologize for this inconvenience, as we know that many of you are using your vacation hours to join us. Please continue to read for refund and other information.

HOWEVER….. . the BEAT goes ON!

In revamping, we’ve planned a special one day 10 hour event, “SURVIVOR’S SATURDAY”, to gather as family and to maintain our BB spirit and momentum. The Caribbean theme survives…we’ re stranded on an island (with a dungeon), so bring your survival gear (toy bags) also!

Our 10 hour marathon will include catered dinner, beverages and munchies, along with several exciting workshops! Presentations will be announced soon, so stay put and tuned in! The dungeon atmosphere, Dom/sub auction, food and play at The Crucible awaits. Street parking is available. Our local vendors will also be there!

If you’d like to stay overnight, a block of only 20 rooms have been reserved at a DC Hotel with affordable rates and minutes from the Crucible . The DC Hotel offers a rate of $89.00 single double per night plus tax and a rate of $109.00 triple quad per night plus tax. Tax is 14.5% in Washington . They offer an all you can eat Full American Breakfast Buffet for $17.00 per person inclusive. Rollaways are available at $20.00 per night per room per night. Microwaves and small refrigerators are available as well at $20.00 each per day.

AND….A *Complimentary Drop off* Shuttle will take you to downtown locations!

If planning to attend, we will forward you the information to secure your room.
so please join us:

Black BEAT’s 10 hour “Survival Saturday” event!
When: Saturday August 15th, 2009
Where: The Crucible
Time: 4 PM – 2 AM
Cost for Survivors Saturday is $50.

[Payments for Black BEAT’s Survivor’s Saturday are payable via PayPal] (send to: blackbeatinc[at]

Or, mail your money order to:

Black BEAT Inc.
PO Box 67351
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

or you may also pay at the Black BEAT Headquarters Munch on June 27th

…And the BEAT goes ON – Just like our Love – Everlasting!

This change means I can no longer attend.  Sigh.


Links for Tea Service

12 09 2008

Sir asked that I post about tea service.  I am curious about tea service so here are some links that i have come across that were helpful to me I hope that they are to you.

I have come across two different types of tea service.  One is a japanese tea service and the other is an english tea service.

One of the groups that I am involved in is called Dom/submissive Formal Dinners (DsFD).  I would recommend joining this group for additional information on tea service.  DsFD is also set up as a place to learn about serving at formal dinners with a Dominant/submissive theme.

enjoy and happy serving.

MV’s angel~

Tristan Taormino

2 06 2008

Tristan Taormino is a very well know BDSM educator located in New York. Her website offers a variety of lifestyle resources that may pique your instance. You can even purchase one of her famous butt plugs (she wrote the “Ultimate Guide for Anal Sex for Women”). esclave can attest to the quality of her butt plugs personally.

She also has a newsletter you can sign up for.

Check it out.


The BDSM Resource Center

25 03 2008

I am going to be attending an online conference tonight at the BDSM Resource Center. Tonights focus is on the matter of protocols, a particular fetish of mine. They have a lot of resources for those interested in the lifestyle and links to books and movies that you might find interesting.  I am looking forward to the evenings events, and I promise to let you know what I thought of it.


March is Womens Month

5 03 2008

Well, it is at least at Kink E-Magazine. The cover page list some well known members of our lifestyle on the cover page (some of which can be seen at Black BEAT, hint hint). I think it is very appropriate to take time out and and remember the women in our lives that are our mothers, our sisters, our children and just plain Ours. They love us, they serve us (or make some of us serve them) and even worship us. They are the Goddess and the childe. All without paradox. Take a few moments out this week to remember that.

Any women especially important in your life? Let us know in the comments.


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