BDSM 101: Your First Playparty

So, in the past I wrote about going to your first Munch or your first Club Event. Now you’re ready for some fun. Lets talk about a real, honest too God play party.First, what is a play party? A play party is a social gathering of kinksters where bondage and S&M practices happen. Often, youContinue reading “BDSM 101: Your First Playparty”

Book of Days – July 28, 2009

Feel free to join me and share your experiences in remember your days: Outside my window… or on the train today, a bit earlier than usual, and I saw the sun and a beautiful collage of colors surrounding it 🙂 my thoughts…are about intensity and desire and my Master Today’s Quote… “What does that doContinue reading “Book of Days – July 28, 2009”

BlackBEAT Atlanta Announces Their First Munch

My girl is having ‘net problems, so I will fill your evening tonight with this announcement. Join the Black Beat Atlanta Munch on Saturday, August 29th @ 2pm at the Jocks n Jills Sports Bar at Galleria Topics for discussion will be: DomCon Atlanta, potential membership drive, planning for BlackBeat 2010 and misc. We’ll meetContinue reading “BlackBEAT Atlanta Announces Their First Munch”