At the Leather History Conference

It has been a long day. I started it in Charlotte, working while my slave spent her time getting us ready for the conference. I had initially planned on being here tomorrow morning, but there is nowhere to stop between Charlotte and Wilmington that makes any sense. So we are here. Now. Tonight. I’ve alreadyContinue reading “At the Leather History Conference”

North Carolina Leather History Conference

A long time ago I taught history (a long time is about 2 decades btw). So, I am always interested in what we can learn from our past. See where we came from. Where we are headed. That is why I am spending this weekend at the first ever North Carolina Leather History Conference. IContinue reading “North Carolina Leather History Conference”

Nancy Ava Miller

So every once and a while, I run across something I find fascinating. That happened a few weeks ago when I was approached about Nancy Ava Miller doing a tour to support her new book: PERVERT: Notes from the Sexual Underground. I did a bit of research and found out that she is the ladyContinue reading “Nancy Ava Miller”

The Curious Case of Harvey Milk

On the way home today, I was listening to NPR where they had an interesting program about a man I had never heard of before: Harvey Milk. No technically, I am a little off topic because I have no direct connections between him and the Lifestyle.  However, as he was the first openly gay personContinue reading “The Curious Case of Harvey Milk”

Leather Museum Write-up

The site North-by-Northwestern has an interesting writeup about the leather museum. An unassuming brick building stands at the end of a residential street in Rogers Park, and the only sign of what’s inside are two banners with boots on them and big block letters saying LA&M. Though you could walk by without noticing it, theContinue reading “Leather Museum Write-up”