Teldildonics Patent Expires

I learned this week that the patent on remotely operated computer controlled sex toys expired this week. These toys are very popular on sex cam sites where the models/performers allow their customers to control the dildos in exchange for payment. I myself would love to have one on my future slave that was controlled byContinue reading “Teldildonics Patent Expires”

FetLife’s Great Purge

Looks like our favorite fetish social network is purging again, and has been silent on it again too. Right now there is no credit card payment option, no add new group link, and groups and fetishes on the banned words list are disappearing. The only official word on the recent actions taken were on a postContinue reading “FetLife’s Great Purge”

NC Contemplates Same Legislation that Has Indiana Flummoxed

On the heels of the legislation that has Indiana wishing they had smarter legislators, NC Legislator Paul Stam (R) proposed House Bill 348 NC, or the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Last I checked religious freedom wasn’t a problem. Bigots and small minds was one though. If you live in NC, write your local representative. If you aren’t, makeContinue reading “NC Contemplates Same Legislation that Has Indiana Flummoxed”

Preventing Date Rape with Date Rape Drug Detection

So we have a big issue of women and men setting down drinks and getting them dosed with some sort of drug. This ends up with robbery, rape or worse.  I ran across some interesting stories in the news where technology is being leveraged to combat this. The first story was on Gizmodo and Jezebel  viaContinue reading “Preventing Date Rape with Date Rape Drug Detection”

Black BEAT 2014: A Call for Presenters

Black BEAT 2014 August 14-17- Maryland A Call for Presenters A. Black BEAT’s educational program provides opportunities for learning through watching, listening, practicing and sharing our knowledge and experience! We are currently seeking a limited number of presenters for ·Beginner, intermediate and advanced topics (i.e., extreme edge play, spiritual classes and everything in between). ·HandsContinue reading “Black BEAT 2014: A Call for Presenters”