5 Questions with NCMaster

NCMaster is a good friend of mine, and a local leather leader who has received some small renown.  So it was natural that I would ask to interview him.  Hope you like it. 5 Questions 1) Who is NCMaster? NCMaster is a Leather Lifestyle Dominant that has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years.Continue reading “5 Questions with NCMaster”

Service Book of Days (July 13, 2009)

Outside my window… or on the train today, I usually pass this area that is filled with dead trees and in them today I saw these vibrant purple flowers 🙂 my thoughts…are about releasing my hold on everyone else’s future Today’s Quote… “You, yourself as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love andContinue reading “Service Book of Days (July 13, 2009)”

A Couple of BDSM Equipment Sites

I ran across these sites today, and I thought I would share them. Finding good BDSM equipment is hard, and often expensive. The first site shows you how to over come this by making your own. Sartan’s BDSM Workshop has designs for making all sorts of gear from Crosses and spanking benches, to leather gear.Continue reading “A Couple of BDSM Equipment Sites”