Electrical Play Basics: TENS Unit

21 07 2010

Tens UnitI believe that the best way to begin with electrical play is the TENS unit. (TENS means Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.) A Tens unit is a box you use to generate an electrical pulse which is used in medicine for pain control.

We don’t use it for that.

Instead, we use it to stimulate the muscles and skin of our partners. The frequency of the pulses and the intensity can be adjusted from so that you can go to very pleasurable to quite intense. It is perhaps the easiest and safest, while allowing for a wide range of sensations. You can even find attachments that will allow you to provide some unique sensations.

Before you begin electrical play, keep in mind that this is advance play, even with a toy like this.  Get help from your local community. Never use it on the head, and be very careful to not use it near the hear (particularly if you use it across the heart).  I would urge you to buy and read Juice first before you do anything electrical, or find a mentor to teach you hands on.

Good luck and have fun.


A Great Place for Novices to Start

23 12 2009

One of my favorite places to shop for toys is JT’s Stockroom. I have found that they have a diverse selection of stock and seem to never have shoddy goods. I found out today that they own Kinklab. This where they focus on providing novices an easy entry into the world of BDSM. It is more of a brand of toys than a retailer, so look for it where you shop for your sex toys and feel comfortable that they are good stuff.

Kinklab is the beginner bondage toy line of world-renowned manufacturer, retailer, and distributor Stockroom, Inc. Created in response to a growing mainstream interest in and demand for fetish product, the line draws on Stockroom’s twenty-year history serving the needs of both wholesale and retail kink customers of all experience levels. Though they maintain The Stockroom’s reputation for premium quality leather and fine workmanship, Kinklab products are nevertheless value-priced to remain accessible to the curious beginner.

The Kinklab brand is carefully curated to include only items safe and intuitive to use for those who have little to no experience with BDSM; and all products are presented with a fresh, clean-cut aesthetic to attract a more mainstream customer who is adventurous but who doesn’t identify with a more traditional, black leather-and-chains bondage aesthetic or lifestyle. The elegantly packaged products are presented in ways that take the guesswork out of shopping for unfamiliar gear – compatible items are sold in kits, and packaging incorporates visuals and text to make items as self-explanatory as possible.

You can read about their most recent product announcement (a lube applicator) here.

Happy Holidays!


Looking for Toys?

21 10 2008

I like nice toys.  I have a suitcase (and a bit more) full of them. One of the places I go to get some quality bondage gear (and they have other nice things too) is Mr. S Leather. Located in San Francisco and available though mail order, Mr. S Leather has become one of the old standards for gear in the Leather Lifestyle community.

I personally have shopped in their store, and frankly it was like heaven, being surrounded by all that gear. I find their merchandise to be of good or superior quality, and very durable and functional.

From their website:

For close to 27 years Mr. S Leather has been the world’s forerunner in the fetish industry. From it’s infancy there was a passionate and clear vision. This combined with an intense drive to bring the absolute best of the best in top quality bondage, leather, latex and electrical gear to its customers

Initially conceptualized by the infamous and fondly remembered Alan Selby, Mr. S Leather had its humble beginnings with only a handful of production and sales staff. Mr. S Leather could be best described as a ‘Leather Family’. Many companies today, selling or producing fetish gear and apparel over the years have fallen short of this mark. Having flooded the marketplace with flimsy designs and novelty items that weren’t functional and feigned at the image of the real leather scene. This was clearly not going to be the path of Mr. S Leather! Striving for perfection in both its craftsmanship and creative design produced legitimate and real working BDSM equipment and apparel that could not only stand the test of time, but the true test of Hard-Core Players, Playing Hard-Core!

Mr. S Leather was taken over in 1991 by Richard Hunter who himself was already an established legendary player in the world leather scene. He provided the new leadership and vision that re-invented the Mr. S Leather Company. The marketing and designs were transformed and directed by Richard and his production staff by looking towards the future and opening up the business to a broader market by moving away from the ‘70’s Leather Clone’ image.

Hope you guys find these reviews helpful. Let me know in the comments


When the Relationship Is Over, Just Get Out

17 05 2008

From Brittan,  we find the story of  lovers who  broke up.  A common tale, but this time with a bit of a twist (sadly though not an up predictable twist).

A JEALOUS boyfriend stole sex toys from an ex-partner to prevent her using them with a new lover, a court heard.
Paul Ashcroft stole lingerie, gauntlets, shackles and a whip from the home he once shared with Claire Bainbridge.

Bridie Smurthwaite, prosecuting, said after stealing the items Ashcroft sent Ms Bainbridge a text message telling her to “check her drawers”.

There are so many things wrong here, I don’t know where to start.


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