Consent and BDSM

It has been brought to my attention that our community is having a discussion about consent. That is a good thing.  I think that consent is one of the Foundations of BDSM. A core principal, along with Honesty and Trust. But what is it and how do we achieve consent in our relationships? What is theContinue reading “Consent and BDSM”


This weekend Master and I realized that we communicate differently.  Shocker, I know…LOL This communication difference though is in terms of how each of us deal with the question “Why?” “Imagination is more important than knowledge..”    ~.Albert Einstein US (German-born) physicist (1879 – 1955)  When I ask the question “Why?’, most times it is notContinue reading ““Why?””

Trusting Again

To me trust is like seeing a flower bloom.  Little by little the flower blooms.  The tight flower releases becoming softer and softer.  You open yourself up and let down your guard.  No protective coverings, soft and yielding. In some ways you connect and intertwine yourself with someone else.    It is not something thatContinue reading “Trusting Again”

Master Void and esclave Presents: Mastering a Long Distance Relationship

esclave and I presented our Mastering a Long Distance Relationship presentation last night at the MBZ conference..  A lot of folks wondered where they could get the slides that I used. So I offered to put them up here, at House of Void. So, click, download Mastering A Long Distance Relationship and enjoy! MV Oh,Continue reading “Master Void and esclave Presents: Mastering a Long Distance Relationship”