Reflections on the Leather History Conference

26 10 2011

I thought I would make it a trifecta of articles on the Conference I attended this weekend. I must say  that over all, I really enjoyed the conference. It was good to see my friends again, some of whom I haven’t seen in years. The vendors had an excellent selection of products. I missed out on buying a vest for esclave, but I am sure that who ever won it will get good use from it.

And I enjoyed visiting the library and sitting at Vi’s feet. I learned things about our history. Asked questions. Found a very odd book (on mamology of all things) in the library. I heard my elders and contemporaries (even some fresher faces too) tell stories of days past.

The only negative thing I would say is that there wasn’t enough tracks. The stories were all in sequence.  I wish that there were other “tracks” as it were, choices in who to hear.  But I guess they wanted to film it all and that make it difficult.

It is somewhat strange to see our history being recorded. We tend to be paranoid about cameras in our culture. With good reason too. Too many of us have been hurt by others that do not understand us.

But times are changing. And that does make me glad.

Too much of our history is lost.


At the Leather History Conference

21 10 2011

20111022-000345.jpg It has been a long day. I started it in Charlotte, working while my slave spent her time getting us ready for the conference. I had initially planned on being here tomorrow morning, but there is nowhere to stop between Charlotte and Wilmington that makes any sense. So we are here. Now. Tonight.

I’ve already seen some old friends and I hope to see some more tomorrow. If you are here and you see me do say hello.


North Carolina Leather History Conference

18 10 2011

A long time ago I taught history (a long time is about 2 decades btw). So, I am always interested in what we can learn from our past. See where we came from. Where we are headed.

That is why I am spending this weekend at the first ever North Carolina Leather History Conference. I am looking forward to it. I can’t begin to do it justice, but aside from spending time with old friends, making new friends, and enjoying my slave at our first conference since she moved here (really our first BDSM “Event” since the move too), I plan on spending a great deal of time in the Carter/Johnson Library. It is a tremendous lifestyle reference. A collection second to none.

Go. Just go to it if you can.


Another S&M Themed Video

11 03 2011



NC Leather Contest Coming Up!

23 02 2011

Just a quickie today. Be sure to check out the NC Leather Contest if you can this year. It is less than a month away on March, 19th. I have heard that they are always interesting, and if I can get a ticket I should be there this year. Find out more at their website.



History of Leather

15 12 2010
restored Tryon Palace, New Bern, NC

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Hi, Sorry I have been gone. Been wrapped up with marriage, starting a new job and a new edition of World of Warcraft. Let my writing here get behind.

During this time, a few thoughts have come to mind. I have been thinking a lot about our history as a sub-culture. I wrote before about the Leather History Museum in Chicago. Fantastic place, one I will have to visit some day. But there are so many things. We are so hidden as a sub-culture. We don’t want people to know about us. This causes many things to be lost. I implore you so save what you have and pass it along to the next generation (perhaps waiting until you can no longer be hurt by people that would miss use it) so that they can learn from what you have experienced.

An excellent example of this is the Carter/Johnson Library. They have amassed a collection of books, magazines and other memorabilia dating as far back as the 1700’s. I personally have seen this collection (it is a major attraction at BlackBEAT every year) and can literally spend hours perusing it. If you have the chance please do check it out. It is FANTASTIC.

An excellent opportunity for this will be happening next October when the North Carolina Leather History Conference takes place. The full details have not been released yet, but I do plan on attending with my slave.

Where Will Master Void Be?

8 09 2010

Just a quickie today.  Thought I would mention the classes I will be teaching that are coming up this month.

The first is for T3WD in Columbia.  They have their vendor fair next weekend (the 18th), and I will be talking about how to manage a long distance relationship. Since esclave and I have been doing this for over 3 years now, I think we have some tips to share that might be interesting to you.

The next is the following weekend.  In association with the Leadership Network of the Carolinas, I will be presenting a class on IT for kinksters with Auburn Goddess. It should be a blast as well. My part of the class will be focused on how to set up a domain, website and other things that you might want to use as a kinkster to manage your online presence.

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