Let’s Talk About Sex (and BDSM)

I’m seeing something today that I find interesting. More and more I am seeing new people into the scene looking for sex. Pain and Sex. Control and Sex. Spankings and Sex. Bondage and Sex. Very different from the world I came of age in. When I started out, I was directed to improve myself. LearnContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex (and BDSM)”

The Road Map to Leadership

Sometime last year I was reading Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?” and in it he mentions something he calls the road map to leadership. This is a fantastic book on how to make you indispensable as an employee. But I wanted to focus on something he wrote on leadership. Basically, some people wouldContinue reading “The Road Map to Leadership”


Ok, I don’t know how I missed this site before (perhaps because while I like Leather, and I hang sometimes with Leather, I am definitely not Leather). I ran across this fantastic site the other day while in FetLife. This site is Leatherati. What is Leatherati? In their own words: Leatherati launched in 2009 afterContinue reading “Leatherati”

Daily Texan Writes Nice About Lifestylers

I found this article in the Daily Texan written by a novice with a negative view of the BDSM Community. Bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism — these are the many faces of the loaded BDSM acronym. But as multifaceted and large as the BDSM community is, the majority of us neverContinue reading “Daily Texan Writes Nice About Lifestylers”

Black Thunder

If  you are looking for something to do in the May timeline, you might want to check out Black Thunder.  Imagine being in the mountains of Tennessee in a log cabin surrounded by kinky folk.  All your meals provided for.  Vending.  Camaraderie.  And the price for what you would pay for a weekend hotel stayContinue reading “Black Thunder”