Huston: We Haz Mo Sex; Fort Worth: We have a Problem.

Today I bring you news from Texas. First up, I found this today on the web: Huston has more sex than any other city in the US.  Well at least according to a non-scientific study by Trojan Condoms.  The Huston Press blog Hair Balls fills in the details. So you can see why we mightContinue reading “Huston: We Haz Mo Sex; Fort Worth: We have a Problem.”

The Curious Case of Harvey Milk

On the way home today, I was listening to NPR where they had an interesting program about a man I had never heard of before: Harvey Milk. No technically, I am a little off topic because I have no direct connections between him and the Lifestyle.  However, as he was the first openly gay personContinue reading “The Curious Case of Harvey Milk”