Midori Does Basic Bondage

29 06 2009

I am often surprised by the things that I find on the net. Enjoy and learn!

There is another video, after the break.

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A book of days – Service Savoire Faire

26 06 2009

I wrote a blog spot about a new resource for those who serve called  Service Savoire Faire.  There is a new post up that I think would be be very useful to you.  It is called “A book of days” and, per the spot, is for “taking stock in our present.  I know I can get stuck in remembering the good old days or trying to plan for what may happen in the future and missing all of the things that happen in my present.  This is an interactive activity and something for you to keep notes for every day.  We only get one day to live in our present.

I think this will be a good resource for those who serve and for those who might want to pick up a few pointers for themselves.  I suggest putting this in your favorites of places to view often.

Hope you enjoy it and have fun with it.  If you care to, please share something you picked up from the site.

MV’s esclave

New Feature on House of Void: Interviews

24 06 2009

I have decided to make use of my platform by interviewing some friends I have made (usually of some noteworthiness) in the Lifestyle.  I have asked quite a few already, but I am going to start this with a friend who is also a fetish photographer: Darque de Sade of Indigo Blaque Studios. Now, on with the interview.’

5 Questions with Darque de Sade

1) Who is Darque_de_Sade?

Darque at heart is an aristocrat with a strong hedonistic streak.  A Daddy Dom of 22 years and counting based out Brooklyn, New York. The person you may not want to give an uncensored mic to due to a somewhat intense mentality

2) How did you get into the Scene/Lifestyle?

I was able to put a name to what felt and enjoyed when I was 17. Due to lack of an outlet for WIITWD at the time (pre-internet) I was a bit lost as there was no one I knew of that I could talk to or learn from. After years of being true to myself when I could I came across Black BEAT and considered myself a true part of the scene.

3) What is your claim to fame in the scene? i.e What are you known for?

If I went by what people say, it would have to be my photography (some people think I’m good).  I own Indigo Blaque Studios, a photography and graphics firm.  We’ve launched the Indigo Blaque Project, which is dedicated to featuring women of color in kink in a way befitting their beauty.

4) When composing your photographs, what do you try to keep in mind?

Realism.  I have 2 fan bases (I hate that term), those who like the beauty and art of my work and those who seek the beauty and authenticity of the scene portrayed.  I feel as long as I’m real about what I’m doing everything else falls into place.

5) What is important?

My religion, my family and loved ones,  I tend to stick to the basics. Success would be nice being able to beat some ass all week would be great but in the end I have what I need.


Sad News about BlackBEAT Conference

22 06 2009

There is some sad news about BlackBEAT this year.

Changes for Black BEAT 09!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t BEAT the economy, even though we had high hopes. Record low registration did not afford us the opportunity to produce the annual conference in a manner befitting to our family. Thus, we must inform you that Black BEAT 09’s 3 day conference has been modified to a one day event. We apologize for this inconvenience, as we know that many of you are using your vacation hours to join us. Please continue to read for refund and other information.

HOWEVER….. . the BEAT goes ON!

In revamping, we’ve planned a special one day 10 hour event, “SURVIVOR’S SATURDAY”, to gather as family and to maintain our BB spirit and momentum. The Caribbean theme survives…we’ re stranded on an island (with a dungeon), so bring your survival gear (toy bags) also!

Our 10 hour marathon will include catered dinner, beverages and munchies, along with several exciting workshops! Presentations will be announced soon, so stay put and tuned in! The dungeon atmosphere, Dom/sub auction, food and play at The Crucible awaits. Street parking is available. Our local vendors will also be there!

If you’d like to stay overnight, a block of only 20 rooms have been reserved at a DC Hotel with affordable rates and minutes from the Crucible . The DC Hotel offers a rate of $89.00 single double per night plus tax and a rate of $109.00 triple quad per night plus tax. Tax is 14.5% in Washington . They offer an all you can eat Full American Breakfast Buffet for $17.00 per person inclusive. Rollaways are available at $20.00 per night per room per night. Microwaves and small refrigerators are available as well at $20.00 each per day.

AND….A *Complimentary Drop off* Shuttle will take you to downtown locations!

If planning to attend, we will forward you the information to secure your room.
so please join us:

Black BEAT’s 10 hour “Survival Saturday” event!
When: Saturday August 15th, 2009
Where: The Crucible
Time: 4 PM – 2 AM
Cost for Survivors Saturday is $50.

[Payments for Black BEAT’s Survivor’s Saturday are payable via PayPal] www.paypal.com (send to: blackbeatinc[at]aol.com)

Or, mail your money order to:

Black BEAT Inc.
PO Box 67351
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

or you may also pay at the Black BEAT Headquarters Munch on June 27th

…And the BEAT goes ON – Just like our Love – Everlasting!

This change means I can no longer attend.  Sigh.


More Belly Dancing!

22 06 2009

Looking for a Corset?

19 06 2009

I love corsets.  I love the way they take a females body and shape it into an hour glass figure accentuating her hips and making even small breasts look luscious.  Master forwarded to me this site that sells corsets at very reasonable prices.  Check it out.

I really like this one…blinks prettily at Master.

A Technical Workshop on Protocols and Other Important Things.

18 06 2009

Well, this is not the news I hinted at yesterday, but sometimes you run across things that call for attention.

The House of Decorum is now hosting a Technical Workshop for all those interested.

This workshop will cover the following … How to negotiate, How to write a petition, How to write a contract, How to create protocols.

The workshop is being held in a classroom setting and everyone is encouraged to participate.

This workshop is FREE! Donations will be accepted to offset the cost of the meeting room.

The space is limited so please send your RSVP’s soon to insure your place. To RSVP, email houseofdecorum@yahoo.com with “Technical Workshop” in the subject line.

Location: Greenville SC, Date: Saturday, July 18, 2009, Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Ms Jan & Ms Theresa

House of Decorum



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