Black Thunder

18 11 2009

If  you are looking for something to do in the May timeline, you might want to check out Black Thunder.  Imagine being in the mountains of Tennessee in a log cabin surrounded by kinky folk.  All your meals provided for.  Vending.  Camaraderie.  And the price for what you would pay for a weekend hotel stay at another event.  Very nice.

Black Thunder 2010 is an education conference for Blacks and People of Color in the Leather and BDSM Community that will be held at a 4-star mountain resort in the Great Smoky Mountains near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, away from the concrete jungle of the major cities and the everyday hum-drum of life.

Be prepared to embark on a totally unique “BDSM Convention Experience” in the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains during this all-inclusive three days and nights, intense, energy-filled, exciting, educational conference.

We have reserved several impressive, beautiful, majestic, luxurious, colossal mountain lodges overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains that provides spectacular views from the decks and provides an elegant rustic atmosphere not soon forgotten.

Get away with us for a weekend of education, relaxation, socializing, recharging and most of all, enjoying the use of the play spaces and connecting or reconnecting with other members of the Leather and BDSM Communities

Please note that space is limited to only 150 attendees, including presenters and vendors, don’t delay, register now to secure your space.

Click here to visit the Black Thunder 2010 Event Website

Be sure to check it out.


BDSM Events This Week: 1 in Real Time and 1 in Virtual Space

23 09 2009

I wanted to bring to your attention two events that I recommend and will actually be attending. The first event is the BZ Conference in cyberspace. My girl has mentioned these before, but with what is coming up on Thursday, I thought I would mention it again. Master Black Zeus has been running these conferences for years now. He has won the BlackBEAT community award for providing these services to the community. (As a note, while Master Black Zeus was away attending the Masters and slaves conference in DC, he asked me to fill in for them for him. Had a blast doing it for the last 3 weeks).

I think that this experience is a great way for novices to get some experiences with some people who have a lot of real time knowledge. It is pretty good for more experienced players too. And tomorrow (Thursday the 24th, for those of you coming here later), Catherine Gross is being interviewed. I have spoken of her stuff before, and those of you unfamiliar with her should check out the links. If you want to attend, the password is “gifts” (without the quotes). It should be fascinating, and I hope to see some new faces there. Bring a mic so you can really participate (the software supports both a camera and a mic, but you can type if you are feeling shy or don’t have the equipment). Both myself and my girl (unless things change) will be there!

The other event, the Charlotte Fetish Fair Flea Market, will be in town this weekend. I am planning to attend this weekend, so if you want to catch me in person Saturday is the date to do so. In case you haven’t heard, the Fetish Fair Flea Market is:

What is a Fetish Fair Fleamarket(tm)? The Fetish Fair Fleamarket brings
togther top national vendors with local crafters and businesses to
create a showcase of fetish, leather, latex, and BDSM shopping that is
unmatched. The exhibits are accompanied by a full program of classes,
demonstrations, and meet-ups, gala nighttime events, and other fun.

Here is the class schedule for this weekend. It looks interesting. There is even a FetLife meet up (and LifeJournal? People still use that? lol). Hope to see you there. Look for the big bald guy in the leather vest… er yeah that might not be a good description for a leather event. LOL. Well try to find me and say “hi” anyway.

I hope to hear from you guys in the comments.


SELF Again

8 06 2009

I found an interesting article today that reminds me that SELF (the South-East LeatherFest) is coming up soon.  It is a major BDSM convention in Atlanta, and will be celebrating 25 years of existance this year. While I have only been to the vendor rooms (damn budgeting, I will make it there some day), I hear wonderful things about it.

Southern Voice has a wonderful write up about it. If your going to be in the Atlanta area June 12-14, stop in and check it out.

Celebrating its 25th festival this year and open to all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, SELF includes a weekend full of classes, entertainment, parties and role-playing.

Organizers have shifted the schedule so that there is more programming on Friday and less on Sunday, have lowered ticket prices across the board and are offering one-day and vendor fair-only passes.

“We’re a little different this year,” says SELF co-owner Catherine Gross. “Everyone else has had to tighten their belt. We are a community event, why shouldn’t we do the same thing? We know what’s going on with our attendees, everyone has been hit hard… It was the right thing to do, and we did it.”

Last year, a good friend got an award at SELF, this year friends are running for the Master and Slave title.  I wonder what else will happen.

Share your SELF memories, please, in the comments.


Event Security

27 04 2009

I have something of a reputation involving security at BDSM events. I have served as the director of security for BlackBEAT the previous 2 years, and will be serving again this year.  Recently I was asked to serve at a local event for CLOAK.  This got me thinking about event security, and I thought I would share some tips that has made me successful at what I do.

  1. Know the event details.  In order to provide security at an event, one must know the details of what the event offers.  Special concerns of the events attendees. Will there be nudity? Who can use cameras? What are the issues about Cell phones?  Last year, BlackBEAT had a wild west theme, so I had to let everyone know that firearms, real or not, were not allowed at the hotel.
  2. Know the layout of the building. Get a map of the building if possible.  If not, walk about the area your even will be taking place in.  Know the placement of the doors and windows in each class room.  Be sure that the blinds are closed, to prevent people from peaking in for a free show.
  3. Presence is important.  It is important that your security staff are clearly identifiable and always present, but you do not want to seem threatening. Make sure that the staff knows what to do when vanilla members of the public show up.  Additionally important is how to handle a forgotten or lost badge.
  4. Your staff is often the face of the event.  A lot of times security is called upon for directions to nearby restaurants, locations of the smoking areas, and the restroom. While not strictly part of our job, it does make for a better overall event impression.  The little touches count.
  5. The hotel staff are your friends.  Remember, your event is paying a lot of money to use the facilities.  The hotel staff wants you to be happy.  Often times you may be a point of contact, should the event coordinator be unavailable.  Be sure that they know who you are.

I hope this helps you with your next event.  Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

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Something for your weekend

10 04 2009

I know this is a bit of short notice but if you are in the NY/NJ area and have time Jay Wiseman will be giving two classes at the Crawlspace in Montclair, NJ on 4/11.

He will be talking about conflict resolution and given a demonstration on elastic predicament bondage.

This was copied from the write up on the NJ Kink page on Fetlife:

Apr 11th: 2 classes by renowned bdsm educator and lawyer, Jay Wiseman will be presented at Dressing For Pleasure in Montclair, New Jersey. He will be on hand after each class to the students for book signings.

Click here and here to view additional details and to RSVP.

If you go, please post a comment on how your thoughts from these classes.

South Plains Leatherfest – 2009

14 01 2009

More event info.  Good to pass these along

South Plains LeatherFest
International Master/Slave Weekend
10th Anniversary
February 27- March 1, 2009
Dallas, Texas
If you haven’t heard.. South Plains is going to be awesome this year in celebration of their 10th anniversary. They have a very impressive list of presenters featuring four BB family members,  Master Obsidian and slave namaste and Master Malik and slave cathy.
There’s currently 35 A-List presenters with 2 tracks being presented throughout the weekend…Leather/ SM Track & Master Slave.

Regular Registration is $119 and ends on February 16, 2009. And for those last minute planners, Final Registration is $149 and will be available from February 17 through the event.

Register now through RegOnline


South Plains has a new home! Join us at the Radisson Hotel & Suites  Love Field. Rooms are only $99 per night and a limited number of one bedroom suites are available for only $129 a night! Visit the Hotel page for more information and to make an online reservation.

Play Party:

South Plains’ play parties are sure to be better than ever! Thanks to our new venue, the parties will be held in one of the hotel ballrooms, giving us more space than ever before. And yes – there will be men only and women only space!

Not only is the play space better, playing hard all weekend long will cost you less! For only one low price of $20, you can attend both the Friday and Saturday night parties! Now there’s no excuse not to play the South Plains way! (PLEASE NOTE: NO INDIVIDUAL TICKETS FOR PARTIES WILL BE SOLD. To attend either or both of the South Plains parties, you must buy a play party package with your registration.)

Volunteers Needed:

If your in Dallas, Tx.  You might want to check it out.

Family Reunion

19 08 2008

Sir and I are back from attending my second and his fifth BlackBEAT.  This was our first as a couple and it was wonderful.  We got there very early Thursday morning (2:30am) and Sir was exhausted.  Such an awesome man he is, drove all the way from his home to the event and back again (7 hours each way).

We had such a wonderful time being with family because that is what it felt like…family.   An awesome woman (Mistress Max Rulz) gave our keynote speech for this meeting and she said that we should consider ourselves part of a family.  Which meant to me that we may not accept or even approve of everything each of us does in this lifestyle but just like a family we love each other anyway.  

I had an awesome time serving Sir and just being with him.  I have learned that my time with him need not be rushed with me acting like the perfect slave.  There is no need for me to rush this process of us becoming Master and slave as this is an ongoing life process. 

It was very grounding for me to meet others who live this style of their lives and to make connections in some way with many.  Before Sir and I left to come home we stopped over at one final gathering and had the chance to relax before saying goodbye to our friends.  I couldn’t help but cry at the comfort and acceptance i felt there.  We were all sitting around on the front porch laughing and joking and reliving moments at BlackBEAT.  It was just like a family reunion.

If you want to attend a lifestyle event I say save up and attend BlackBEAT 09, I promise you it will be worth it.

Comments are always welcome.

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