A Death in the Family

I was going to make a lite humorous post today, relating to some steampunk sex toys. That isn’t to be. Instead, I want to tell you about a friend of mine. Darque DeSade. Darque was a photographer and artist living in New York. We met through our times at BlackBEAT. He was a character. IContinue reading “A Death in the Family”

Service Book of Days 3/1/10

Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?)  is about 40 degrees and windy.  We just got through another major snowstorm (2nd one in February).   We got about 2ft of snow…great for making snowmen but horrible for shoveling. my thoughts… are sad.  My sister died last week (2/25) and I feelContinue reading “Service Book of Days 3/1/10”

Leaving Your Sub Alone = Bad Idea

I wish people would get a clue. Another person dies because his domme left him alone while she went to take a shower. Prosecutors say the 47-year-old man died of asphyxiation after the 58-year-old woman left him bound and gagged and went to have a shower. She taped his mouth shut and tied him toContinue reading “Leaving Your Sub Alone = Bad Idea”

Another BDSM Related Death in the News

Yet again, don’t ever leave your sub alone. A Nashville woman is facing charges when the tied up her husband and gaged him, then left the house for a few hours. A video and the full story can be found here. James Bargy was found dead in the Bargy’s bedroom on Saturday. Family members sayContinue reading “Another BDSM Related Death in the News”

Another Sad Death Due to Unsafe BDSM Practices

I have always tried to espouse safety when partaking S&M behavior.  No matter how much pleasure we receive from an act, we must stop before we harm the ones we love or ourselves. We have too may people depending upon ourselves. This brings us to the latest tale of a father who died from sadomasochisticContinue reading “Another Sad Death Due to Unsafe BDSM Practices”