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19 06 2012

I was recently interviewed for an article concerning the first conference I have ever went to…BlackBEAT.

I read the article and wasn’t really feeling the slant the article took and it didn’t actually vibe with me.  For some reason I kept wishing that the article was focussed more on expanding the classes, having more extras…fun, fun, fun.

Then I thought about it more.  This article was actually spot on.  There was so much truth in this article….simple truth that makes BlackBEAT more than just another conference in a long line of conferences.  There is just something about hugs at BlackBEAT.

When I made the decision to attend BlackBEAT alone I worried that I would get lost in the mix of people that would attend.  One of the things I did was sign up to volunteer so that I could be seen and get to know others who came.  I am normally a quiet person in crowds and not very welcoming to others so this was my way of getting out of my head.   I had no need to worry.  The first person I met when I entered the hotel was Cyberdiva.  She might not realize this or even remember it but that hug and welcome she gave me meant the world to me.  I felt accepted and welcomed.

It touched something in me and  no matter what the rest of the conference held that hug opened me up to be receptive to other hugs and other meetings and other experiences outside of what I usually allowed in my personal space.  When Master and I were leaving the O’Kink Family Reunion, Mistress Max hugged me to say goodbye and I just broke down and cried.  There is just something about hugs given and received at BlackBEAT.

I have to say with each BlackBEAT I have attended it is the same feeling…even at the scaled down day of Survivor Saturday.  Seeing everyone, coming home, being around family…those are the things that make BlackBEAT for me.  The classes, the knowledge shared, the lessons taught and learned are icing on a delicious red velvet cake.

Think I am the only way who feels this way…Nopecheck it outthere are others.

If you feel like stepping out and attending a conference this should be your first step…BlackBEAT 2012.  Go with open arms as hugs will be given freely.

BlackBEAT 2012

16 05 2012

Well folks, it is getting close to that time again. Time for my favorite convention. BlackBEAT 2012 is coming this August (16-19). I will be there again this year as the Director of Security (mainly that involves a bunch or running around with my iPad and saying “Can I see your badge?”). This year is the 10th anniversary of the conference, so it should be extra special.

It is an amazing event that I cannot say enough about. I recommend that you check it out.

And don’t forget to say “Howdy” if you see me!


BlackBeat 2010 is Back

12 02 2010

I wish I could make it to BlackBeat this year. It is really where my heart is. Still it looks to be fabulous even without me being there. If you can go, I would really suggest that you make the effort.
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BlackBEAT Atlanta Announces Their First Munch

20 07 2009

My girl is having ‘net problems, so I will fill your evening tonight with this announcement.

Join the Black Beat Atlanta Munch on Saturday, August 29th @ 2pm at the Jocks n Jills Sports Bar at Galleria

Topics for discussion will be: DomCon Atlanta, potential membership drive, planning for BlackBeat 2010 and misc.

We’ll meet in the private skybox under the name: BBAtl Chat Group

The skybox has been set up where you can order food, drinks, or both, or you can chill enjoy the convo and atmosphere. If you don’t eat or drink, plan to bring a tip for using the skybox.

PLEASE REMEMBER! While this is a sports bar and the dress code might be a bit more liberal, this is still a PUBLIC area. PLEASE KEEP YOUR FETISH WEAR TO A MINIMUM!

Also while the name might be Black Beat, we welcome and encourage all ethnicities, sexualities, and kinks.

ALERT!! Its sad to say it, but we will be in the skybox from 2pm-4pm, so we will start on TIME!

Old saying “If you’re 15 min early, your’re on time, if you’re on time, your’re late.”

I will be there.  Will you?


BlackBEAT 09 Update: Survivor Saturday

9 07 2009

And the Beat goes on.  August 15, 2009. For more info, clicky.

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BlackBEAT Atlanta

8 07 2009

I got this in my mail, and I thought I would pass it along.  If your in the Atlanta area, I expect this to be a great group.

Greetings to all:

Some of you know, others probably will find out soon enough, but we’ve taken the plunge and created Black BEAT Atlanta!

We’ve received permission to put things together, so now I’m emailing most of you that are in the Southeast area as well that might know people that have been wanting to figure out what’s going on.

Those of you on FetLife can find the group under Black Beat Atlanta Munch Group, and I just created the yahoo group earlier this evening as well:

If you know anyone that would be interested in joining and participating in the group, by all means send the email with the link to the yahoo/fetlife group and go from there.

Plans are in the works to do a startup munch in late September, before DOMCON Atlanta.

Hope to see you soon…

Pharaoh Khaf-Ra

You may recalll Pharaoh Khaf-Ra from an earlier post. I wish him and the other leaders of the group luck, and I intend to try to make the September munch, if my work allows.  See you there.


Sad News about BlackBEAT Conference

22 06 2009

There is some sad news about BlackBEAT this year.

Changes for Black BEAT 09!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t BEAT the economy, even though we had high hopes. Record low registration did not afford us the opportunity to produce the annual conference in a manner befitting to our family. Thus, we must inform you that Black BEAT 09’s 3 day conference has been modified to a one day event. We apologize for this inconvenience, as we know that many of you are using your vacation hours to join us. Please continue to read for refund and other information.

HOWEVER….. . the BEAT goes ON!

In revamping, we’ve planned a special one day 10 hour event, “SURVIVOR’S SATURDAY”, to gather as family and to maintain our BB spirit and momentum. The Caribbean theme survives…we’ re stranded on an island (with a dungeon), so bring your survival gear (toy bags) also!

Our 10 hour marathon will include catered dinner, beverages and munchies, along with several exciting workshops! Presentations will be announced soon, so stay put and tuned in! The dungeon atmosphere, Dom/sub auction, food and play at The Crucible awaits. Street parking is available. Our local vendors will also be there!

If you’d like to stay overnight, a block of only 20 rooms have been reserved at a DC Hotel with affordable rates and minutes from the Crucible . The DC Hotel offers a rate of $89.00 single double per night plus tax and a rate of $109.00 triple quad per night plus tax. Tax is 14.5% in Washington . They offer an all you can eat Full American Breakfast Buffet for $17.00 per person inclusive. Rollaways are available at $20.00 per night per room per night. Microwaves and small refrigerators are available as well at $20.00 each per day.

AND….A *Complimentary Drop off* Shuttle will take you to downtown locations!

If planning to attend, we will forward you the information to secure your room.
so please join us:

Black BEAT’s 10 hour “Survival Saturday” event!
When: Saturday August 15th, 2009
Where: The Crucible
Time: 4 PM – 2 AM
Cost for Survivors Saturday is $50.

[Payments for Black BEAT’s Survivor’s Saturday are payable via PayPal] (send to: blackbeatinc[at]

Or, mail your money order to:

Black BEAT Inc.
PO Box 67351
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

or you may also pay at the Black BEAT Headquarters Munch on June 27th

…And the BEAT goes ON – Just like our Love – Everlasting!

This change means I can no longer attend.  Sigh.


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