LeatherFET or How to Fail at Organizing a Community Uniting Event.

3 09 2010

Charlotte Pano by James Willamor. Used under Creative Commons License, click for details.

What I write today is simply an opinion, my opinion.  I derived my opinion from my experiences in the local community.  I welcome all feed back and critiques.

LeatherFET was a fascinating event concept. Unite both the leather communities and the fetish communities for a party that would rock Charlotte all weekend.  Have good history and education track. Invite John Baku down for the keynote. Sounds wonderful. Can’t fail right?

Hmm, let us see what someone can do to make it fail. Let us take someone who has threatened to take the board of directors for a local BDSM education organization to court, left threatening voicemails that target a board member, her child and husband, and lost her sash and put them in charge of the whole event.  Put in charge of education someone who continually feels compelled to apologize to the community for her outbursts. Sell the event as an annual event even though it never happened before.

And belittle those who object to the leaders of the event as not supporting community building.

Yep the perfect way to have an event fail in my opinion. Most of the established community in Charlotte won’t be attending, I know I am with them. And I hope you won’t be either.

While I think the idea is a wonderful one, one I wish I could support. But in order to build connections in the community you have to have the respect of those in the community. I don’t have respect any longer for those associated with the event. One is known for the company we keep. And I choose to keep away.

If you want to read someone else’s opinion about the latest events in the Charlotte kink community, click here. (FetLife Membership required).



BDSM Events This Week: 1 in Real Time and 1 in Virtual Space

23 09 2009

I wanted to bring to your attention two events that I recommend and will actually be attending. The first event is the BZ Conference in cyberspace. My girl has mentioned these before, but with what is coming up on Thursday, I thought I would mention it again. Master Black Zeus has been running these conferences for years now. He has won the BlackBEAT community award for providing these services to the community. (As a note, while Master Black Zeus was away attending the Masters and slaves conference in DC, he asked me to fill in for them for him. Had a blast doing it for the last 3 weeks).

I think that this experience is a great way for novices to get some experiences with some people who have a lot of real time knowledge. It is pretty good for more experienced players too. And tomorrow (Thursday the 24th, for those of you coming here later), Catherine Gross is being interviewed. I have spoken of her stuff before, and those of you unfamiliar with her should check out the links. If you want to attend, the password is “gifts” (without the quotes). It should be fascinating, and I hope to see some new faces there. Bring a mic so you can really participate (the software supports both a camera and a mic, but you can type if you are feeling shy or don’t have the equipment). Both myself and my girl (unless things change) will be there!

The other event, the Charlotte Fetish Fair Flea Market, will be in town this weekend. I am planning to attend this weekend, so if you want to catch me in person Saturday is the date to do so. In case you haven’t heard, the Fetish Fair Flea Market is:

What is a Fetish Fair Fleamarket(tm)? The Fetish Fair Fleamarket brings
togther top national vendors with local crafters and businesses to
create a showcase of fetish, leather, latex, and BDSM shopping that is
unmatched. The exhibits are accompanied by a full program of classes,
demonstrations, and meet-ups, gala nighttime events, and other fun.

Here is the class schedule for this weekend. It looks interesting. There is even a FetLife meet up (and LifeJournal? People still use that? lol). Hope to see you there. Look for the big bald guy in the leather vest… er yeah that might not be a good description for a leather event. LOL. Well try to find me and say “hi” anyway.

I hope to hear from you guys in the comments.


Boot Pig Comes to Charlotte

6 10 2008

Capex, a Charlotte area BDSM education group,  is bringing Boot Pig to present this month.  If you are in the area, you definitely want to be there. So mark you calenders for October 25.  Capex is known for great Halloween parties, so I will see you there.

… A nationally renown presenter who’s taught at events across the country such as Great Lakes Leather, Tribal Fire, Folsom Fringe, South Plains Leather, TES-fest New York and many more. She was Ms. Olympus Leather 2003. She’s the former President and Secretary for the Phoenix boys of Leather. She is the founder of the “Simply Service” e-zine. She’s been the headliner at Southwest Fetish Ball. And she’s forgotten more about boot blacking than most of us will ever know. *Oink! Oink!*

Growing masochists, or raising pigs as the case may be, is a venture in partnerships. Like prized daylilies, we come in a ton of varieties with various beautiful characteristics, and some weaknesses. Bottoming can be a learned skill. You can be an informed consumer, a hot commodity, a fun, willing, active participant!


Fetish Fleamarket Comes to Charlotte

15 09 2008

I posted about this before, but I thought it was worth a reminder.

Fetish fair fleamarket comes to charlotte

Fetish fair fleamarket comes to charlotte

Maybe I will see you there


Fetish Fair Fleamarket hits Charlotte

23 06 2008

It appears that the Fetish Fair Fleamarket is coming to Charlotte this fall.  On September 26-28 you can find classes and lots of vendors all in one place. Even some great parties, or so I hear.  Single Cell Productions seem to be assiociated with this thing.  These are the same people that bring you Purgatory.  Looks like a fun weekend.

If you have expriences with last years Fleamarket in Charlotte, let us know in the comments.


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