Butt Bongos…

13 02 2013

An odd little video.  But I like it.



Music IS everywhere.



Something to Inspire

23 05 2012



Let It Flow…

4 05 2012

Words for the day: Let it Flow


The chorus for this song has been playing in my head all week. Sometimes in the background most times in the foreground when I wake up.


The song talks about releasing a relationship but I think it can also mean that we need to release those things that are not good for us (habits, relationships, behaviors, anger, frustration, hopelessness, wishful thinking, love, whatever). The pain we feel from releasing these things hurts but once the hurt stops the healing begins.


Sometimes we just need to make the decision to Let it Flow back into the universe in order to receive so much more.


Happy Day Everyone 🙂



Off topic: TED Talk

15 03 2012

I really want to share the story of the $8 Billion iPod with you.  Copyrights are important to me as a content creator (I do both photography and a couple of blogs), but some people take it too far.  And this is why.  I hope you will excuse me for sharing.




Sword Dancing

22 02 2012

Something a little different this week. Enjoy!



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Korean Tea Ceremony

19 02 2012


Another Bondage Video Tutorial

28 10 2011

Love these things. Hope you do too.




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