Sex Toys Abounded at This Years CES

Consumer electronics with a twist. This year’s CES had a plethora of sex toys avaible for people to examine. The artile I linked to talks about a couple of interesting vibrators, a sperm test, and a warming lube dispeser. ┬áDidn’t see anything about connected devices, but with IOT security issues abounding, I’m not sure I would recommend a wifi based device these days. Bluetooth, now there is an interesting option.

You may enjoy these though if you do want a wireless thrill. The cam girls all seem to.

And you may want to check out this oldie about arelevant patent expiring.


It has been a while

So a bit of an update. The last 4 years have been a bit of a mess. My slave and former spouse decided to move out and start her life over without me. Her right to choose that for herself.

I’m moving forward in more vanilla ways, but I still keep an eye out for kinky activities. If you see anything that needs reporting in the kink community, please reach out. I’ll try to post more in the near future.


FetLife: Following vs. Friending

Following now shows their public activities on your feed.

Friend gives you the ability to send unlimited messages, write on their wall, and view friends only writings, photos, and videos.

If you are following a friend then their friends only material will also appear on your freed. When you send someone a friend request, you automatically follow them unless they have following turned off. Then you will follow when they accept your friend request. Finally unfollowing a friend removes their activities from your feed.


Top 5 Kinks

I ran across this article in Vice today on the top 5 kinks in the US. It was an interesting read, even if I don’t agree with it’s conclusions. The 5 are:

  1. Group Sex
  2. BDSM
  3. Novelty and Adventure
  4. Taboo Sex
  5. Partner Sharing and Non-Monogamy

So of these “Kinks”, I only count two as being truly kinky. Group Sex is just sex with multiple people at the same time. Nothing inherently kinky in this.

Novelty and Adventure is a very ambitious category. so broad as to make it worthless. Basically anything that isn’t missionary is how I would read that. This is a pretty useless category.

Partner Sharing and Non-Monogamy includes both swinging and polyamory. Only one of these would I categorize a kink (swinging), the other I would say is a relationship style, and not a kink.

BDSM, well that is the first one I would say really is a kink. But it is very broad as well. I would like to see more specific kinks, rather than general broad categories.

Taboo sex seems a little tame by their definition. It is definitely a kink, but they specifically call out exhibitionism, voyeurism, and “fetish-objects”, but the category encompasses many more activities.

Frankly I found the research useless, something with real kink activities would be more useful, and less offensive.




Where Will Master Void Be?

I am doing two presentations in October at the Living On The Edge – Edge play fund raising event, where I’ll be teaching Electrical Play and Caning. Both of these presentations will be more heavily focused on the theme on the event so even if you’ve seem me speak on the topics before, you might learn something new.

The location is somewhere between Raleigh and Fayetteville, and the cost is a suggested $30 donation.

I hope to see you there.


Teldildonics Patent Expires

I learned this week that the patent on remotely operated computer controlled sex toys expired this week. These toys are very popular on sex cam sites where the models/performers allow their customers to control the dildos in exchange for payment. I myself would love to have one on my future slave that was controlled by bluetooth and her phone.

The site Ars Technica speculates that this will spark an explosion in new sex toys. I for one am very interested.


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