BLAQUE – A New Look At Fetish vol. II

Darque, whom I interviewed a couple of weeks ago, has released his second book, BLAQUE – A New Look At Fetish vol. II.


Blaque: A New Look at Fetish, Vol. II

Indigo Blaque LLC’s New Table Top Book,

Announcing the release of Blaque: A New Look at Fetish, Vol. II, by Fetish Photographer Darque of Indigo Blaque Studios.  The successful release of Indigo Blaque: A New Look at Fetish, Vol. 1, is introduces the latest edition to the New Look at Fetish Series.  Blaque: A New Look at Fetish, Vol. II, a visual essay in black and white that continues to give viewers yet another glimpse inside of the mind of Darque.  “This book is not what it started out to be. After the first book, I was not sure where I wanted to go in terms of follow up. Volume II started as a continuation of the first book, but it didn’t feel right. So, I erased the book and started from scratch. Scratch meant taking the color out and cutting back on the editing and letting the work truly speak for itself”, says Darque.  Images of bondage and latex are profound, as skin tight imagery captivates beauty that encourages stimulating visual and mental sensuality. The esteemed Viola Johnson pens her support of Darque and Indigo Blaque Studio with inspiring words, as shared in the forward of Volume II.

Darque is the distinguished winner of the 2007 Art Show held in New England at the Fetish Flea.  His photography is a permanent fixture in the Carter-Johnson Library, a renowned traveling tribute to Leather History.  The most recent Indigo Blaque photographic works were displayed in August 2008, at Floating World in Edison New Jersey.  Indigo Blaque is featured in the guest gallery within the Members Area of  Darque is also featured in the February 2009 issue of TruFetish, an online publication that gives an in depth view of fetishes.

Indigo Blaque, LLC is a full function design studio located in Brooklyn, New York, dedicated to the BDSM lifestyle.  Exciting elements include layout and design (including make-up).  Indigo Blaque Photography will transpose your ideas and fantasies — into reality.

I look forward to getting my own copy to go with the first volume.

Any books you favor?  Let me know in the comments.


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