A Couple of BDSM Equipment Sites

10 07 2009

I ran across these sites today, and I thought I would share them.

Finding good BDSM equipment is hard, and often expensive. The first site shows you how to over come this by making your own. Sartan’s BDSM Workshop has designs for making all sorts of gear from Crosses and spanking benches, to leather gear. Good project designs and ideas for your own creations.

Every design, from the simple to the complex, begins with a concept. As a start, I would suggest you write yours down (yes, on paper!). Doing so forces you to think about what you really want to accomplish with the piece you’re designing.

A concept can be very simple: “I’d like a piece of equipment to securely restrain someone’s arms behind their back.” You might revisit it later and revise, but get something down on paper. This is like your guiding vision. Good sources of ideas include pictures, other people’s work, positioning a live person, and simple imagination.

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