I have done a few presentations over the years.  Here is a brief overview of them.

Electrical Play: the Shocking experience: This is my most requested one, how to use electricity in your play. Safety is covered as well as at least 5 different electrical toys shown and used on consenting participants.

Mastering Long Distance Relationships: the first few years of my relationship with my slave was spent long distance. I consider it successful since we got married and she moved down to serve me. I go over tools and principles that we used to help our relationship.  She provides her perspective on the relationship and how we made it work.

Canes and Crops: I find canes and crops to be great tools for play and I show different ones and how to use them in your play.  I even use some more exotic toys. I don’t have a bias for which materials are great toys. From sensual to painful, this is a great class.

Leatherworking 101: How to make your own toys. Basics of leather, how to craft and how to judge quality of leather.

IT: As an IT professional, I have a presentation that focuses on making your brand for the leadership type of events. I also present on how to protect yourself online for the more typical audience.

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