Kinky Steampunk Death-Ray Vibrators from the Sky!

Ok, so steampunk amuses me. I like the idea of gears and steam and oil. The look of bronze and brass polished and shining. So when I stumbled across Lady Clankington’s Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities, I was very much interested. I was expecting the normal level of  build quality.  Something like this. Sadly, the picturesContinue reading “Kinky Steampunk Death-Ray Vibrators from the Sky!”

This Week in Kink – A New Podcast

I have been listening to This Week in Kink, a new kink/bdsm oriented podcast.  It seems more towards general bdsm than straight out kink though.  JohnBaku and tonja along with other invited guests talk about some of the topics brought up in the groups on FetLife. I have been listening to all of the episodes Continue reading “This Week in Kink – A New Podcast”

Service Book of Days 9-7-9

Outside my window…is a lot of noise going on as I have not been outside all day.  I have been hibernating.  Must be my pre-winter isolation coming on my thoughts…are jumbled at the moment.  Keeping myself steadfast on the decisions that I made but trying not to give in to my need to not haveContinue reading “Service Book of Days 9-7-9”

Purchasing Rope Online: A Sordid Tale of Disappointment with Rainbow Rope

So I like to grow and expand what I do when it comes to Lifestyle activities. A long time ago, I did a little rope work, learned most of the basics, then moved on. I still had my bag of rope, and drug it along with me when I went to play. But, I decidedContinue reading “Purchasing Rope Online: A Sordid Tale of Disappointment with Rainbow Rope”

A book of days – Service Savoire Faire

I wrote a blog spot about a new resource for those who serve called  Service Savoire Faire.  There is a new post up that I think would be be very useful to you.  It is called “A book of days” and, per the spot, is for “taking stock in our present.  I know I can get stuck in remembering the good oldContinue reading “A book of days – Service Savoire Faire”

A new blog review – Service Savior Faire

Sir Obsidian’s slave namaste has created a new blog spot called Service Savoir Faire.    This new blog is something that proves to be something that will be a much referenced added resource for those who serve.   Here is a description taken from her blog page:   Service Savoir Faire Savoir Faire:Literally to know how to do, inContinue reading “A new blog review – Service Savior Faire”