Kinky Steampunk Death-Ray Vibrators from the Sky!

1 09 2010

Not the Lady Clankington Vibrator. Used under Creative Commons license. Click on image for details.

Ok, so steampunk amuses me. I like the idea of gears and steam and oil. The look of bronze and brass polished and shining. So when I stumbled across Lady Clankington’s Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities, I was very much interested. I was expecting the normal level of  build quality.  Something like this.

Sadly, the pictures of the items on the site don’t live up to my expectations. Basically it is a modern vibrator, wrapped in a sub-par case.  Personally, I wouldn’t buy on based on what I saw.  But it does look interesting.  Perhaps if it lines were smoother, a bit more attention paid to the details. Something that looked more artsy.

But as it is, it isn’t worth my cash.

This Week in Kink – A New Podcast

9 09 2009

I have been listening to This Week in Kink, a new kink/bdsm oriented podcast.  It seems more towards general bdsm than straight out kink though.  JohnBaku and tonja along with other invited guests talk about some of the topics brought up in the groups on FetLife. I have been listening to all of the episodes  (5 so far) and have enjoyed them greatly.  They are slowly starting out, and the production quality is good. My sole critique is that they are heavily Male Dom-fem sub oriented.  I would love to hear some Fem Doms on their show.

They podcast is modeled after another of my favorite podcasts, Twit (this week in tech). The format is simple, a round table discussing anything from hotdogs and begging (don’t ask, just listen to episode #4), first time BDSM experiences, to advice for newbies. I look forward to this in my podcatcher each week, and usually listen while I am at work (got to listen to it on the drive to work this week, that made the morning meeting much more enjoyable).

Anyway, I have enjoyed it greatly and hope they keep up the good work.  Please check it out yourself and let me know what you think.

If you want to subscribe, copy this link: feed://


Service Book of Days 9-7-9

7 09 2009
  • Outside my window…is a lot of noise going on as I have not been outside all day.  I have been hibernating.  Must be my pre-winter isolation coming on
  • my thoughts…are jumbled at the moment.  Keeping myself steadfast on the decisions that I made but trying not to give in to my need to not have anyone hurt.
  • Today’s Quote…telling someone you love them should never wait until the morning.
  • i am thankful for…my family, my health and the chances I get to see every day.
  • From my service training…i am continuing to learn how to appreciate myself and to not feel bogged down in the “what ifs”
  • From the kitchen… fried chicken, corn on the cob with a pinot grigio
  • i am wearing…luxuriating in my Master’s shirt.  He left it for me to wear when I miss him 🙂
  • i am creating… nothing…i am letting my Father’s universe guide me
  • my adventures this week… starting back to the gym and the kid’s first day of school
  • Becoming well read…A dragonfly in Amber…listening slowly to the Four Agreements (again)
  • Today’s Melody… Theme from Mahogany sung by Diana Ross “Do You Know Where your Going to”
  • One of my favorite things…is to hang out in my room with the peace of my own thoughts.  Sometimes it gets tough to interact with people.
  • Still….life…


Photo used per Creative Commons.

Master Void’s slave
Interested in knowing where the quote and the idea for my weekly post came from  click this link.  You will also find some great ideas on service even if you are without someone to serve.

Purchasing Rope Online: A Sordid Tale of Disappointment with Rainbow Rope

26 08 2009

So I like to grow and expand what I do when it comes to Lifestyle activities. A long time ago, I did a little rope work, learned most of the basics, then moved on. I still had my bag of rope, and drug it along with me when I went to play. But, I decided to get some new rope and push the limits of what I was doing.

I did some research, and tried to figure out what I wanted. I then decided to buy some bondage specific rope and try something new. I Googled bondage rope, and saw a familiar name as the first result. I had heard of Rainbow Rope and had seen them at most of the bigger conferences that I had been to, so I thought that they would be a good source for me to buy my next bondage gear from, instead of the Dom Depot or Wally World, where I normally buy my rope from. Little did I know the aggravation this decision would cause me.

A book of days – Service Savoire Faire

26 06 2009

I wrote a blog spot about a new resource for those who serve called  Service Savoire Faire.  There is a new post up that I think would be be very useful to you.  It is called “A book of days” and, per the spot, is for “taking stock in our present.  I know I can get stuck in remembering the good old days or trying to plan for what may happen in the future and missing all of the things that happen in my present.  This is an interactive activity and something for you to keep notes for every day.  We only get one day to live in our present.

I think this will be a good resource for those who serve and for those who might want to pick up a few pointers for themselves.  I suggest putting this in your favorites of places to view often.

Hope you enjoy it and have fun with it.  If you care to, please share something you picked up from the site.

MV’s esclave

A new blog review – Service Savior Faire

12 06 2009

Sir Obsidian’s slave namaste has created a new blog spot called Service Savoir Faire.    This new blog is something that proves to be something that will be a much referenced added resource for those who serve.   Here is a description taken from her blog page:


Service Savoir Faire

Savoir Faire:Literally to know how to do, in common understanding it is the ability to know how to do the right or graceful thing. Service Savior Faire is a blog devoted to the How To’s of Service. Our aim is to create a space for the honing of service to a point of excellence and beauty. We do not merely focus on the acts of service, but upon the acts or service in the Spirit of Grace. Come learn with us!


The current blog on this page gives very detailed descriptions of packing for trips, coming home, tips for unpacking at the hotel and making the hotel comfortable.

 Let me know what you think about this new blog spot in the comments section.


MV’s esclave

Foundations in Mastery by Catherine Gross

30 03 2009

Ok, I am fresh back from my weekend seminar with Catherine Gross (check out last week’s post for some info on it). I have to say that it was one of the most unique experiences I have had while I have been in the Lifestyle. This was tremendous opportunity to be at the debut of a her latest Lifestyle development class.

I suppose that right now it is best to say a little about Catherine so you can understand why I would spend my weekend on an untested class. First, I should say that the class was the only thing that was untested. Catherine has tested the theory that she discussed by living it for most of her adult life. She is a PCC lifecoach (on of only 2000 in the country). She has been a BDSM educator for longer than I have been in the lifestyle. She co-produces the South-East Leatherfest. And frankly, she runs one hell of a House.

The weekend started out with a great deal of self evaluation, and self analysis. She taught that you need a solid, self-aware foundation before you can begin to develop your skills as a top. I spent a lot of time thinking about answers. There were piles and piles of forms. Each lesson built on the others (for a complete lesson plan look here). That basically made up the first two days.

The third day was different. We spent time reviewing our own creations. We dissected our protocols, analyzing them according to a system that she showed us. This made each and every one of the 30 tops in the room think about what we were doing and why we were doing it. I can frankly say that I walked away with a much larger toolbox that what I came in with.

Now, I could give you the details about the seminar. But I am not. There are two more events on the schedule. One in Georgia, one in Arizona. If you are serious about improving your skills as a top, and I don’t mean better beating, but becoming a better person, then you really should go to this class. Frankly I do not know of anything else like it. PERIOD.

Lady Catherine, if you do happen to read this, Thank you.


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