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13 06 2017

I was asked last week by a dear friend if she could contribute to the House of Void blog. I’ll be honest, without knowing what exactly she would write about I said yes. I think you’ll like her, I do. I’ve known her now for over a decade. In her own words she is:

I am cyberdiva. Here are a few things about me. This is a very brief synopsis.

  • have been actively living in the BDSM lifestyle as a sexual slave, for over two decades.
  • professional discrete counselor and active civically
  • published writer in the areas of self-help and erotica
  • Check out my Fetlife profile here –

Feel free to ask if you want to know more… let’s have some verbal discourse.


I hope you enjoy reading her stuff.


Service Book of Days – 9/22/09

22 09 2009
  • Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?) it was such a beautiful day for the first day of fall. Outside my window at work there were hundreds of birds gathering for their fall flight away. It was a fascinating sight
  • my thoughts...are relaxed. I am feeling good about the energy flowing through my house and the way things are going. Normally when things are going so well I would almost prepare myself for the something bad that I thought would follow these good moments. I’m not doing that anymore. I am enjoying all the good moments and letting the things I don’t know worry about themselves. God is right…tomorrow has its own worries…today is where I need to be….(okay that was a big paraphrase but the sentiment is the same…lol)
  • Today’s Quote…It is not the happiness that makes us grateful…But the gratefulness that makes us happy. Not really sure where I saw this quote at but it has been one of my favorites for a long time.
  • i am thankful for…always my family, all my moments – good and bad
  • From my service training... (any skills, training etc; notes you want to share this week) Nothing new at the moment
  • From the kitchen… (menu for the week, what are you cooking?) I am learning how to cook one new meal a weak for the kids. We had curried, mango pork chops with brown rice last week. I think this week I will make a butternut squash soup and homemade biscuits.
  • i am jeans and a black t-shirt….feeling very loose and relaxed.
  • i am creating… (crafts, sewing etc;) nothing new at the moment
  • my adventures this week... (where are you going this week?) I am going to a munch in New york this weekend with friends. Should be a ton of fun 🙂
  • Becoming well read... (What are you reading this week?) Finishing up the Compleat Slave by Jack Rinella.
  • i manifest and co-create… (what are your hopes, dreams, and prayers this week) Peace and tranquility in my house and with my children. I pray for the momentum that we have established with this school year to continue through the rest of the school year.
  • Todays Melody... (what music are you listening to? even if it’s just the sound of a bird…)”Changes” by Incognito…the chorus of this song says “bring on the changes”. That’s wassup…One thing that happens in this life is that things change…sometimes good…sometimes bad. I want to not shy away from the changes that happen.
  • One of my favorite things…is to daydream. Yeah I admit I like to take moments and let my mind wander to wherever it wants to go. I dream and day dream in bright vibrant colors.
  • further plans for this week…housecleaning/clearing. Continuing my workout plan. Going to a munch on Saturday
  • Still….life (share a picture you’ve taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)


Photo used by Creative Commons

Once a week on Monday you will respond to the above prompts.. more is better. Post your response on your blog or website.  Mention my blog and offer a link back to the main page of my blog. This way others can participate in the project as well!

Service Book of Days 9/17/09

17 09 2009
  • Outside the window of the train…it is still dark outside as I have been going into to work a bit early to make up some time.  I’m always amazed at the amount of people who are out of the house and moving and 5am.
  • my thoughts…are clear, peaceful and energetic…lol  I have a lot of stuff to do and a lot of energy to do it with.  This amazes me because I feel like for the past year of so my energy level has been non existent, my head has been cloudy and stuff has been happening around me.  Like I have been operating singular focussed.  Now I feel like I can actually participate fully in life.
  • Today’s Quote… Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly. Epictetus   From the Merriam Webster online dictions:  adorn implies an enhancing by something beautiful in itself.  

    I love this quote.   I love things that are simple yet effective.  I find I complicate things way more than necessary anyway.  I know I am Master’s slave and I adorn myself with His mastery, with His love,  with submission to my Master, grace, honesty, commitment, and willingness to be His fully.

  • i am thankful for…the small things in life and the clarity to see how important they are.
  • From my service training…I am sinking fully into my space with Master and learning how more and more my submission to him changes my entire life.  The skills I learn in speaking, cooking, presenting myself, accountability,  and relating to him transfer to every part of my life in dealing with kids, family, co-workers.  Feels really good to “live life wide awake”.
  • From the kitchen… tonight I would like to try something different to cook so I will be searching for a quick but delicious recipe to fix for the kiddies
  • i am wearing…black pants, black boots, black shirt with a white shrug
  • i am creating…order and clarity.  I am looking to find a cleansing ritual for my house.  I think I will stop by the local shop that sells stones and such to see if they can help me find something
  • my adventures this week… starting back to the gym…today…Thursday
  • Becoming well read…A dragonfly in Amber…The Compleat Slave by Jack Rinella…listening slowly to the Four Agreements (again)
  • Today’s Melody… And I gave my Love to you…by Sonja Marie  (Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack)  I wasn’t to enthused about the movie but I love, love the soundtrack.
  • One of my favorite things…is to decompress with my kids after their day at school.  Just chatting about stuff that happened to them that day and hanging.
  • Still….life… mmmmmmm ice


 Photo used per Creative Commons.

 Master Void’s esclave

Interested in knowing where the idea for my weekly post came from…click this link.  You will also find some great ideas on service even if you are without someone to serve.

A Blog Worth Checking Out

15 07 2009

I ran across this gem the other day, and I thought I would share it with my readers. I am always on the look out for new and interesting blogs and I think My Life on Parade is one worth checking out.

It is the tales and experiences of a young submissive woman, who right now is living abroad in Japan. It can be funny and sad too, but I particularly want to call out two posts. The first is about Submissive Training and is basically a recounting of what to look for in a trainer.  There is some good stuff here, particullarly if your new.

1) Basic Play Training

One thing I feel must be a part of everything training is lessons about basic play/equipment used in play.

For example: Do you know the proper way to go about doing rope bondage? How to check for proper blood circulation? When to stop to avoid damage?

This kind of knowledge is imperative and often times can save submissives from injury, especially when they play with Dom/mes that may not know exactly what they are doing.

The next post I would recommend is one about her submission called My Submission. It is a brief, but beautiful expression of what being a submissive woman means to her.

For me, my submission isn’t about being controlled, restrained, killing my will or losing my indepedence. It’s much deeper than that. I am a submissive because at my very core I have the unabashed, unconditional, unyielding desire to serve. And with that, to serve someone who will in turn exploit every part of my nature.

There are some posts I would take issue of, but nothing truly important.  They are just a matter of perspective. (An example is her believe that a submissive female is more correct than a female submissive.  That ignores the fact that languages do evolve and that sometimes an adjective changes into a noun or other part of speech. But then that is somewhat a common feeling, and no harm is done, so I am fine with it, that post does have some pretty good material in it though).

Anyway, check it out.


A new blog review – Service Savior Faire

12 06 2009

Sir Obsidian’s slave namaste has created a new blog spot called Service Savoir Faire.    This new blog is something that proves to be something that will be a much referenced added resource for those who serve.   Here is a description taken from her blog page:


Service Savoir Faire

Savoir Faire:Literally to know how to do, in common understanding it is the ability to know how to do the right or graceful thing. Service Savior Faire is a blog devoted to the How To’s of Service. Our aim is to create a space for the honing of service to a point of excellence and beauty. We do not merely focus on the acts of service, but upon the acts or service in the Spirit of Grace. Come learn with us!


The current blog on this page gives very detailed descriptions of packing for trips, coming home, tips for unpacking at the hotel and making the hotel comfortable.

 Let me know what you think about this new blog spot in the comments section.


MV’s esclave

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