Normal M/s?

So, Master came to visit for the entire week.  Yay.  It was really good having him here and us bonding.  But it was just so…normal,  lol.  Now I didn’t think that we would be scening every night and stuff…but still.  I got up in the morning and went to work while he did his job from my home.  I came home and made dinner and we chatted and did stuff just like every other couple.  It was awesome.  LOL

I have seen posts when people would asks how is it possible to live a 24/7 M/s lifestyle with children or how to switch from slave or Master to non-slave or non-Master.  Other than sex, which no one has in front of children anyway, being Master and slave in front of the children looked no different than anything else.  When I cooked dinner I served him first then the children.   When we went in the room and the door was closed the kids knocked before entering same as usual.   In terms of a little special playtime, well that was for after the kids went to bed and with the door closed and locked.  Just like any other non M/s  couple you learn to improvise and keep the noise down.  lol 

Also, when we went out to dinner it was again, totally normal looking.  He ordered, I fixed his drinks and stuff the way he liked.   When I walked to the right of him, no one but us knew what it meant. 

I had a fabulous time being with Master this week and it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined it would be.  It could be that I just decided to not stress but to just “be”.  No forward looking, no wishing for better anything, it was just us.  Yeah, normal and wonderful. 🙂

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