Custom BDSM Jewelry

While I was at FFF this weekend, I ran across a very interesting vendor who creates custom BDSM oriented jewelry.  While I didn’t purchase anything from him this weekend, I had a good discussion and carefully inspected the goods he had on display.  Symbolic Treasures was the name of the store. They specialize in customContinue reading “Custom BDSM Jewelry”

A lesson to Remember

This was something I posted on my personal page a while ago.   As I remember my journey and take pride in my present I think this is one lesson that I should not forget. ========================================== I hope you never lose your sense of wonder You get your fill to eat But always keep thatContinue reading “A lesson to Remember”

Centered Through Meditation

One of the tools that I use to help keep me centered is meditation. I meditate 3 days out of the week for 20 minutes.   I usually meditate with soothing music playing and in a dark room.  This helps me relax my mind after such a busy day which usually starts at 6:30am.  Admittedly itContinue reading “Centered Through Meditation”

Master Void on Consent

My Google reader had two interesting articles in it about consent and the law today. One happened in Australia, the other in Sweden. Both involve a man being aggressive to a woman. Both are kind of complex situations. The Australian one involves a man and his ex-wife/former submissive. The other involves a 32 year old man andContinue reading “Master Void on Consent”

Random Thoughts – Parenting and M/s

Just some a random thought for tonight. I realize that Master and I do very well managing our relationship with children involved.  Even managing to have playtime with the kids in the house. We use quiet techniques.  Meaning that I am not allowed to make any noise no matter how much it hurts.  For meContinue reading “Random Thoughts – Parenting and M/s”

Where Will Master Void Be?

Just a quickie today.  Thought I would mention the classes I will be teaching that are coming up this month. The first is for T3WD in Columbia.  They have their vendor fair next weekend (the 18th), and I will be talking about how to manage a long distance relationship. Since esclave and I have beenContinue reading “Where Will Master Void Be?”