Centered Through Meditation

One of the tools that I use to help keep me centered is meditation.

I meditate 3 days out of the week for 20 minutes.   I usually meditate with soothing music playing and in a dark room.  This helps me relax my mind after such a busy day which usually starts at 6:30am.  Admittedly it is hard sometimes and it takes bit longer for me to relax into it.  When those times happen I spend the first few moments just focusing on my breathing.  I take deliberate breaths in and out until I feel my body relaxing and my mind opening up.

Master’s constant teaching for me is to learn how to just be.  Be where I am at the moment and nothing more.  I have the tendency to be all over the place and many days in the future.  It has taken me sometime to really appreciate the times that I have for meditation because I kept thinking that my time could be better spent doing many of the hundred other things that I had to do.

What I realized though was that meditation actually helped me be more focused.  Instead of running around doing many thing all at once I do one thing at a time giving my full time and attention to the task as needed.

Importantly when I meditate it reminds that I am doing this at my Master’s command.  Each time I kneel in position I am submitting my will to my Master’s will.

For me, my submission to Master is one step at a time.  I become my Master’s slave always and in all ways.

“Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong- sometimes it’s letting go.” anonymous

Thoughts, comments…please feel free to share.

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