Reflections on what home feels like

I was recently interviewed for an article concerning the first conference I have ever went to…BlackBEAT. I read the article and wasn’t really feeling the slant the article took and it didn’t actually vibe with me.  For some reason I kept wishing that the article was focussed more on expanding the classes, having more extras…fun,Continue reading “Reflections on what home feels like”

Random Thoughts – Parenting and M/s

Just some a random thought for tonight. I realize that Master and I do very well managing our relationship with children involved.  Even managing to have playtime with the kids in the house. We use quiet techniques.  Meaning that I am not allowed to make any noise no matter how much it hurts.  For meContinue reading “Random Thoughts – Parenting and M/s”

Service Book of Days – 12/15/09

Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?) the weather is typical Jersey winter weather…difficult…lol  it was freezing rain with below freezing temps on Sunday and now it is 50 something degrees and warm. my thoughts… are busy with stuff for the holiday season.  Wrapping gifts and sending out cards Today’sContinue reading “Service Book of Days – 12/15/09”