Reflections on what home feels like

19 06 2012

I was recently interviewed for an article concerning the first conference I have ever went to…BlackBEAT.

I read the article and wasn’t really feeling the slant the article took and it didn’t actually vibe with me.  For some reason I kept wishing that the article was focussed more on expanding the classes, having more extras…fun, fun, fun.

Then I thought about it more.  This article was actually spot on.  There was so much truth in this article….simple truth that makes BlackBEAT more than just another conference in a long line of conferences.  There is just something about hugs at BlackBEAT.

When I made the decision to attend BlackBEAT alone I worried that I would get lost in the mix of people that would attend.  One of the things I did was sign up to volunteer so that I could be seen and get to know others who came.  I am normally a quiet person in crowds and not very welcoming to others so this was my way of getting out of my head.   I had no need to worry.  The first person I met when I entered the hotel was Cyberdiva.  She might not realize this or even remember it but that hug and welcome she gave me meant the world to me.  I felt accepted and welcomed.

It touched something in me and  no matter what the rest of the conference held that hug opened me up to be receptive to other hugs and other meetings and other experiences outside of what I usually allowed in my personal space.  When Master and I were leaving the O’Kink Family Reunion, Mistress Max hugged me to say goodbye and I just broke down and cried.  There is just something about hugs given and received at BlackBEAT.

I have to say with each BlackBEAT I have attended it is the same feeling…even at the scaled down day of Survivor Saturday.  Seeing everyone, coming home, being around family…those are the things that make BlackBEAT for me.  The classes, the knowledge shared, the lessons taught and learned are icing on a delicious red velvet cake.

Think I am the only way who feels this way…Nopecheck it outthere are others.

If you feel like stepping out and attending a conference this should be your first step…BlackBEAT 2012.  Go with open arms as hugs will be given freely.

Random Thoughts – Parenting and M/s

13 09 2010

Just some a random thought for tonight.

I realize that Master and I do very well managing our relationship with children involved.  Even managing to have playtime with the kids in the house.

We use quiet techniques.  Meaning that I am not allowed to make any noise no matter how much it hurts.  For me that is tough as I am not a quiet person.  I  like to moan and scream and make all sorts of noises.  No such thing with kids around.

For instance on Master’s last visit here we did some impact play.  I don’t mean light play.  Master was punching my breast really hard.  This was made much more intense as I couldn’t make a sound.  Of course this was after the kids were asleep and with the TV on.

Our relationship does not differ from that of any other relationship with children.   An M/s life can be lived with children and I believe lived without any extra finesse or hiding needed.

Just a short random thought.

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Service Book of Days – 12/15/09

15 12 2009
  • Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?) the weather is typical Jersey winter weather…difficult…lol  it was freezing rain with below freezing temps on Sunday and now it is 50 something degrees and warm.
  • my thoughts… are busy with stuff for the holiday season.  Wrapping gifts and sending out cards
  • Today’s Quote…
    The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.
    John Dewey
    US educator, Pragmatist philosopher, & psychologist (1859 – 1952)
  • i am thankful for…time.  I appreciate the moments that I have with my children, family and being in love with Master.
  • From my service training… (any skills, training etc; notes you want to share this week)
  • From the kitchen… (menu for the week, what are you cooking?)  I am thinking about keeping it healthy while my job is closed for the holiday
  • i am wearing… Brown slacks, beige turtle neck, white and silver chanderlier earrings and my collar
  • i am creating… (crafts, sewing etc;)  a festive holiday season
  • my adventures this week… (where are you going this week?)  no adventures this week but cleaning and getting ready for Christmas.
  • Becoming well read… (What are you reading this week?)  I am not reading anything at the moment.  I just finished reading Anneke Jacobs, As She’s told, and I found it very interesting. My thoughts are turned towards the possibilities of life TPE/IE
  • i manifest and co-create… (what are your hopes, dreams, and prayers this week) peace and tranquility and contentment
  • Todays Melody… (what music are you listening to? even if it’s just the sound of a bird…)  No music today, I have a cold and a headache.  So I am listening to my thoughts today.
  • One of my favorite things… is silence without expectations.
  • further plans for this week…  continue to decorate and relax
  • Still….life (share a picture you’ve taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)


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