All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes

While listening to “Say Yes” by Floetry a thought hit me…my mind wanders in funny tangets sometimes towards clarity. In the video the lady is writing about how the guy makes her feel and the man was drawing a picture of her.  Both in seperate seats, both thinking about each other. The Chorus of theContinue reading “All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes”

Service Book of Days 3/7/11

Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?) is a brisk night.  Still feel the cold of winter but with a hint of spring.     my thoughts… are on the things that I have done to move to be with Master.  There was so many thing sthat had to beContinue reading “Service Book of Days 3/7/11”

A lesson to Remember

This was something I posted on my personal page a while ago.   As I remember my journey and take pride in my present I think this is one lesson that I should not forget. ========================================== I hope you never lose your sense of wonder You get your fill to eat But always keep thatContinue reading “A lesson to Remember”