Where Will Master Void Be?

26 08 2018

I am doing two presentations in October at the Living On The Edge – Edge play fund raising event, where I’ll be teaching Electrical Play and Caning. Both of these presentations will be more heavily focused on the theme on the event so even if you’ve seem me speak on the topics before, you might learn something new.

The location is somewhere between Raleigh and Fayetteville, and the cost is a suggested $30 donation.

I hope to see you there.


Master Void and esclave Presents: Mastering a Long Distance Relationship

30 03 2011

esclave and I presented our Mastering a Long Distance Relationship presentation last night at the MBZ conference..  A lot of folks wondered where they could get the slides that I used. So I offered to put them up here, at House of Void. So, click, download Mastering A Long Distance Relationship and enjoy!


Oh, and if you have never been to the MBZ conferee, I highly recommend it. It is a free online conference hosted every week by Master Zeus on Tuesday and Thursday nights at nine pm eastern.

Where Will Master Void Be?

8 09 2010

Just a quickie today.  Thought I would mention the classes I will be teaching that are coming up this month.

The first is for T3WD in Columbia.  They have their vendor fair next weekend (the 18th), and I will be talking about how to manage a long distance relationship. Since esclave and I have been doing this for over 3 years now, I think we have some tips to share that might be interesting to you.

The next is the following weekend.  In association with the Leadership Network of the Carolinas, I will be presenting a class on IT for kinksters with Auburn Goddess. It should be a blast as well. My part of the class will be focused on how to set up a domain, website and other things that you might want to use as a kinkster to manage your online presence.

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