Service Book of Days (July 13, 2009)

  • Outside my windowor on the train today, I usually pass this area that is filled with dead trees and in them today I saw these vibrant purple flowers 🙂

  • my thoughts…are about releasing my hold on everyone else’s future

  • Today’s Quote… “You, yourself as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection” The Buddha

  • i am thankful for…this moment, my family, my Master, being able to feel hurt and happiness

  • From my service training… I am learning about redoing our Butler’s book

  • From the kitchen… I am planning on smaller, planned meals

  • i am wearing…my angel blouse and pair of gray booty shorts..hehe

  • i am creating… nothing and am not ashamed of it. Sometimes I feel there is a lot of pressure to be doing something all the time. I am creating myself with acceptance and peace

  • my adventures this week… getting my daughter ready to go travel on her first airplane ride, alone…eeek for me but totally exciting for her.

  • Becoming well read… Listening to an audio book on the Four Agreements. Reading and meditating on the Tao of Holding Space.

  • i manifest and co-create… speak good and positive thoughts into existence.  I pray for peace and acceptance and clarity.

  • Todays Melody Listening to Incognito. Love the jazzy feel 80’s feel of this CD

  • One of my favorite things… is to laugh out loud at corny jokes. I love them because they are so corny and usual spontaneous.

  • further plans for this week…get prepared for my new boss, pack my daughter’s clothes, clear my room and my head.

  • Still….life (share a picture you’ve taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)

   little t         

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