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I ran across this gem the other day, and I thought I would share it with my readers. I am always on the look out for new and interesting blogs and I think My Life on Parade is one worth checking out.

It is the tales and experiences of a young submissive woman, who right now is living abroad in Japan. It can be funny and sad too, but I particularly want to call out two posts. The first is about Submissive Training and is basically a recounting of what to look for in a trainer.  There is some good stuff here, particullarly if your new.

1) Basic Play Training

One thing I feel must be a part of everything training is lessons about basic play/equipment used in play.

For example: Do you know the proper way to go about doing rope bondage? How to check for proper blood circulation? When to stop to avoid damage?

This kind of knowledge is imperative and often times can save submissives from injury, especially when they play with Dom/mes that may not know exactly what they are doing.

The next post I would recommend is one about her submission called My Submission. It is a brief, but beautiful expression of what being a submissive woman means to her.

For me, my submission isn’t about being controlled, restrained, killing my will or losing my indepedence. It’s much deeper than that. I am a submissive because at my very core I have the unabashed, unconditional, unyielding desire to serve. And with that, to serve someone who will in turn exploit every part of my nature.

There are some posts I would take issue of, but nothing truly important.  They are just a matter of perspective. (An example is her believe that a submissive female is more correct than a female submissive.  That ignores the fact that languages do evolve and that sometimes an adjective changes into a noun or other part of speech. But then that is somewhat a common feeling, and no harm is done, so I am fine with it, that post does have some pretty good material in it though).

Anyway, check it out.


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