A Couple of BDSM Equipment Sites

I ran across these sites today, and I thought I would share them. Finding good BDSM equipment is hard, and often expensive. The first site shows you how to over come this by making your own. Sartan’s BDSM Workshop has designs for making all sorts of gear from Crosses and spanking benches, to leather gear.Continue reading “A Couple of BDSM Equipment Sites”

Looking for Toys?

I like nice toys.  I have a suitcase (and a bit more) full of them. One of the places I go to get some quality bondage gear (and they have other nice things too) is Mr. S Leather. Located in San Francisco and available though mail order, Mr. S Leather has become one of theContinue reading “Looking for Toys?”

Incredible Gear

I am always looking for some new and interesting gear for BDSM activities. While perusing Thndrshark’s website the other day, I came across some truly amazing bondage gear. Martin’s rigid cuffs are exactly that. Extremely solid, durable, aluminum shackles with a very modern look. Many designs are linked by thick solid metal as well. TheseContinue reading “Incredible Gear”