Angelina Jolie into S&M?

The Sun from Brittan released a video (sorry you have to go to their page, it isn’t linkable) where Angelina Jolie boasts about liking to tie people up. In the video, shot in 1999 when she was 23, the actress brags about loving sado-masochistic SEX – and KILLING her pets. She says of taking partContinue reading “Angelina Jolie into S&M?”

When the Relationship Is Over, Just Get Out

From Brittan,  we find the story of  lovers who  broke up.  A common tale, but this time with a bit of a twist (sadly though not an up predictable twist). A JEALOUS boyfriend stole sex toys from an ex-partner to prevent her using them with a new lover, a court heard. Paul Ashcroft stole lingerie,Continue reading “When the Relationship Is Over, Just Get Out”

Leather Museum Write-up

The site North-by-Northwestern has an interesting writeup about the leather museum. An unassuming brick building stands at the end of a residential street in Rogers Park, and the only sign of what’s inside are two banners with boots on them and big block letters saying LA&M. Though you could walk by without noticing it, theContinue reading “Leather Museum Write-up”