A Review

The Village Voice hosts an article by Tristan Taormino who reviews a very particular Kink.com session.  Princess Donna decided to submit to training under the Training of O site. Recently, I wrote about Brian Lilla’s independent film, A Tale of Two Bondage Models, which profiled BDSM performers Lorelei Lee and Princess Donna. The latter hasContinue reading “A Review”


Sir was surfing his favorite sites for news and came across this post for a Japanese rope bondage documentary called Bakushi. This film is said to provide the viewer with a glimpse into Japanese rope bondage. Here is a snippet from the article: “Bakushi,” the name given to the professional rope bandage artists and theContinue reading “Bakushi”

Consistency – Not Just for Doms Anymore

I have always heard that consistency is one of the most important characteristics for Dominants to have.  It lets the ones who serve us come to learn what to expect.  Mind you, the consistency is peculiar in that you can be consistently chaotic.  Little bits of randomness thrown in, so long as you always doContinue reading “Consistency – Not Just for Doms Anymore”