Protocols pt 2

In my previous post about protocols, I discussed some of my philosophy about protocols. I talked about some of the things to not do when your devising them. But how do I go about creating the protocols that I use? What goes into making a good protocol?

Personally I think that developing a protocol should start with your philosophy about the Lifestyle. Have a plan about what you want to accomplish. As an example, I have the basic philosophy that protocols should reflect the situation that we find ourselves in. I have decided that there should be separate modes of behaviors to cover different social situations. I call them high protocol mode for formal situations, and low protocol more casual occasions.

My philosophy about High Protocol reflects my desire for my slave to be totally focused on myself.  Unless specifically directed otherwise, I should be a bright and shining light for her to be focused on. Her every action should be attentive to my directions and focused on meeting my needs. Even when she is in another room, she should be doing everything as if I was there.

My philosophy about the low protocols reflect a need to make allowances for down time, time with friends both in and out of the lifestyle, and our families. These rules allow her to be more relaxed, though she should still be focused on me.  The intensity should be much less. A more relaxed posture, rules should be acceptable to the vanilla world as well as the kinky one.

So, what are your reactions to this?

Next time, some specific protocols.


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2 thoughts on “Protocols pt 2

  1. oh my, you don’t want to know my initial reaction, but if I had a picture of Ajax all bristled up, I’d have posted it. Center of attention my ass (or something like that)(ROFL). However, my NEXT (and probably more ‘thoughtful’) reaction was “well, that’s not very open of you, now is it”, and I think even my HP poked me as if to say “AHEM! Miss Thang. . . ”

    However, your protocols are equivalent to my, I hate to say expectations, but that’s what they are. . of behavior dependent on situation. When I’m out in public with someone- I expect them to be nice, courteous, to not use rude, graphic language, etc. I expect things to be nice and quiet, no scenes, about as vanilla as vanilla gets – I prefer to blend in and don’t like drawing attention to myself (usually) in public. Out dancing – bit different, party with friends, even more casual, rowdy, upbeat, you name it.

    And I’m going to apologize in advance because there WILL be clashes – we have two completely different mindsets. Oh, and I can take you in a fight (ROFL)

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