Service Book of Days – 8/31/09

31 08 2009

You know at one time I got tired of doing these posts every week as I found myself just making up stuff to put in it.  I think I missed the purpose of them.  The purpose is to not make me feel burdened but for me to take a moment and remember my life day by day and not just “go through” this life unaware.  At least that’s what sunk in for me as I posting this week’s post.

Outside my window…it was a bright day a little on the chilly side.

· my thoughts… are living honestly and open

· Today’s Quote…  People often say that beauty if in the eye of the beholder and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.  This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look including inside ourselves…Salma Hayek

· i am thankful for… the many opportunities i have for growth

· From my service training… to be honest with myself.  this means being honest in looking at and working through all of the messy emotions and messy emotions are not easy for me.  i might try and fool myself into glossing over and only looking as far as the surface but to be honest to myself and to Master requires that I do more than just the minimum.

· From the kitchen… curry rice, mixed vegetables and baked chicken.

· i am wearing… a turquoise sundress

· i am creating… nothing…i am letting my Father’s universe guide me

· my adventures this week… school shopping and getting the kids ready for the rigors of highschool and middle school

· Becoming well read… A dragonfly in Amber…listening slowly to the Four Agreements (again)

· Today’s Melody… “And I gave my Love to you”…Sonja Marie…From the Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack

· One of my favorite things… Laughing out loud…I mean really loud…makes the body feel good.

· Further plans for this week… school shopping and preparing the kids for school.  I have one senior, one middle schooler (7th grade) and one 10th grader.

· Still….life… simple obedience.


Master Void’s slave

Interested in knowing where the quote and the idea for my weekly post came from.  Click this link.  You will also find some great ideas on service even if you are without someone to serve.

Photo used per Creative Commons.

Did you hear me girl?

13 05 2008

this is what i want you to do today girl?  

go car shopping…not buying.

Do you understand girl?

yes Sir, i understand.  i’ll do that.  (verbalized)

i have to beg my sister to borrow her car so that i can go suit shopping and food shopping and pick up food from my mom before i can go car shopping.  i am not going to have enough time to go car shopping (unverbalized)

with Sir i am to be obedient, open, and honest at all times in all situations.  yes my life is hectic but in order for Sir to be in my life he has to know my life and all of my struggles and situations.  my fault was in not telling Sir what else i had going on.  i was being dishonest by omission and disobedient. therefore i was not being open or honest to him.

 i am learning to be Sir’s.  this means i need to learn how to be open in my life, disseminating all informaiton and accepting of His input into my life.

i also realized something else, during these times when i am being dishonest by omission i am doing something else. i am trying to govern his feelings.  i am in a way trying to control how Sir should feel.  as a single mom i am so used to making other peoples lives easier and disseminating the appropriate information to them that i unconciously do the same thing to Sir.  that is not my place with Sir. 

my love for Sir should show in my deeds as well as my words.  words are empty without truth.


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