Kim Attica: Wow

I attended Capex this weekend. It was their 100th meeting and there were a lot of emails about this person, Kim Attica, who was presenting. I had never heard of her, I have been in the lifestyle for over a dozen years, but I can hardly say I know everyone. Turns out that she isContinue reading “Kim Attica: Wow”

Reactance Pt2.

Okay…part 2 So from the comment on my previous post i see my words were not as clear to others as they were to me.  my apologies.  i sometimes write with the understanding that everyone knows what i am talking about…LOL Anyway,  I have found this theory of reactance to be very interesting.   The link will takeContinue reading “Reactance Pt2.”

Protocols Pt. 3

I have been asked to post something about the protocols that I have developed for esclave. I have tried to keep certain things in mind when developing them, irregardless of the origin of the protocol. The protocol should be simple: Easily explained with normal words and no jargon. The protocol should be practical: It shouldContinue reading “Protocols Pt. 3”

S. F. Leather/Uniform Ball

I just got this, and I thought I would pass it along.  If your in SF this Friday, you might want to check this out. To All, Would you please forward this e-mail to some of your e-mail lists and we hope you all can attend: All Leather Men & Women, Uniforms of all kindsContinue reading “S. F. Leather/Uniform Ball”

Fetish Fair Fleamarket hits Charlotte

It appears that the Fetish Fair Fleamarket is coming to Charlotte this fall.  On September 26-28 you can find classes and lots of vendors all in one place. Even some great parties, or so I hear.  Single Cell Productions seem to be assiociated with this thing.  These are the same people that bring you Purgatory. Continue reading “Fetish Fair Fleamarket hits Charlotte”