Angelina Jolie into S&M?

The Sun from Brittan released a video (sorry you have to go to their page, it isn’t linkable) where Angelina Jolie boasts about liking to tie people up.

In the video, shot in 1999 when she was 23, the actress brags about loving sado-masochistic SEX – and KILLING her pets.

She says of taking part in sex games where someone is tied down or hurt: “It’s just a cool thing.”



Found the video on Youtube. Enjoy

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2 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie into S&M?

  1. I think how they vilify Sid Vicious is horrible. Inferring that Nancy’s death was malicious. Personally, I believe she either goaded him into it (convincing him he was doing her a kindness) or it was a suicide pact gone awry.

    As for Angelina. . . . why do people seem surprised at this?

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