An Update for the Lair

Thought I would share this with you: Good evening. This is an update from The Lair/The Cell Block It is with regret the Directors wish to inform the Adult Lifestyle Community that “The Lair” is closed and will not be opened again in THAT location. W/we also wish to inform all of Y/you that thisContinue reading “An Update for the Lair”

A site for your more prurient needs

Alright, I like a good porn story.  And I like a free story even better.  The Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository is a wonderful place I have been going to for years. I highly recommend it. There are almost always new posts every day. While the writing isn’t always the highest quality (and some of the storiesContinue reading “A site for your more prurient needs”

Another BDSM Related Death in the News

Yet again, don’t ever leave your sub alone. A Nashville woman is facing charges when the tied up her husband and gaged him, then left the house for a few hours. A video and the full story can be found here. James Bargy was found dead in the Bargy’s bedroom on Saturday. Family members sayContinue reading “Another BDSM Related Death in the News”


The LA times has an interesting article on serious literature with a kinky bent. Now, when whatever suits your fancy is easily found online, exploring intense or unusual sexuality has become the purview of commercial and even highbrow literary writers too. Tom Wolfe indulgently explored coed hookup culture in “I Am Charlotte Simmons.” Walter Mosley’sContinue reading ““Playing””

Protocols pt. 1

I am a big fan of protocols in the lifestyle. I believe that protocols define a set of behaviors in a given situation. Protocols make the Dominant’s and submissive’s roles easier to manage and provide defined expectations for both roles. If I do not lay out clear instructions and directions for how my slave isContinue reading “Protocols pt. 1”