A book of days – Service Savoire Faire

I wrote a blog spot about a new resource for those who serve called  Service Savoire Faire.  There is a new post up that I think would be be very useful to you.  It is called “A book of days” and, per the spot, is for “taking stock in our present.  I know I can get stuck in remembering the good old days or trying to plan for what may happen in the future and missing all of the things that happen in my present.  This is an interactive activity and something for you to keep notes for every day.  We only get one day to live in our present.

I think this will be a good resource for those who serve and for those who might want to pick up a few pointers for themselves.  I suggest putting this in your favorites of places to view often.

Hope you enjoy it and have fun with it.  If you care to, please share something you picked up from the site.

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