Service Book of Days 9-7-9

  • Outside my window…is a lot of noise going on as I have not been outside all day.  I have been hibernating.  Must be my pre-winter isolation coming on
  • my thoughts…are jumbled at the moment.  Keeping myself steadfast on the decisions that I made but trying not to give in to my need to not have anyone hurt.
  • Today’s Quote…telling someone you love them should never wait until the morning.
  • i am thankful for…my family, my health and the chances I get to see every day.
  • From my service training…i am continuing to learn how to appreciate myself and to not feel bogged down in the “what ifs”
  • From the kitchen… fried chicken, corn on the cob with a pinot grigio
  • i am wearing…luxuriating in my Master’s shirt.  He left it for me to wear when I miss him 🙂
  • i am creating… nothing…i am letting my Father’s universe guide me
  • my adventures this week… starting back to the gym and the kid’s first day of school
  • Becoming well read…A dragonfly in Amber…listening slowly to the Four Agreements (again)
  • Today’s Melody… Theme from Mahogany sung by Diana Ross “Do You Know Where your Going to”
  • One of my favorite things…is to hang out in my room with the peace of my own thoughts.  Sometimes it gets tough to interact with people.
  • Still….life…


Photo used per Creative Commons.

Master Void’s slave
Interested in knowing where the quote and the idea for my weekly post came from  click this link.  You will also find some great ideas on service even if you are without someone to serve.

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