This Week in Kink – A New Podcast

I have been listening to This Week in Kink, a new kink/bdsm oriented podcast.  It seems more towards general bdsm than straight out kink though.  JohnBaku and tonja along with other invited guests talk about some of the topics brought up in the groups on FetLife. I have been listening to all of the episodes  (5 so far) and have enjoyed them greatly.  They are slowly starting out, and the production quality is good. My sole critique is that they are heavily Male Dom-fem sub oriented.  I would love to hear some Fem Doms on their show.

They podcast is modeled after another of my favorite podcasts, Twit (this week in tech). The format is simple, a round table discussing anything from hotdogs and begging (don’t ask, just listen to episode #4), first time BDSM experiences, to advice for newbies. I look forward to this in my podcatcher each week, and usually listen while I am at work (got to listen to it on the drive to work this week, that made the morning meeting much more enjoyable).

Anyway, I have enjoyed it greatly and hope they keep up the good work.  Please check it out yourself and let me know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “This Week in Kink – A New Podcast

  1. MasterVoid.

    Thank you for he excellent review of TWIKS! I can tell you that we plan to have many dominant females on the show, as we definitely agree with what you are saying here. I think that we need to cover all aspects of not only BDSM, but other kinky roles as well, and we really look forward to moving into as many different areas as possible now that we’re done getting our feet wet:)

    Thank you, for being such a wonderful supporter!

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