FETLIFE: A Review.

A while back, I decided to give Fetlife a try. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is a site for those of us interested in BDSM. Kind of a BDSM friendly MySpace or FaceBook. Initially, I was underwhelmed. It was slow, there wasn’t much of a community. I was disappointed. But I keptContinue reading “FETLIFE: A Review.”

Kim Attica: Wow

I attended Capex this weekend. It was their 100th meeting and there were a lot of emails about this person, Kim Attica, who was presenting. I had never heard of her, I have been in the lifestyle for over a dozen years, but I can hardly say I know everyone. Turns out that she isContinue reading “Kim Attica: Wow”

A site for your more prurient needs

Alright, I like a good porn story.  And I like a free story even better.  The Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository is a wonderful place I have been going to for years. I highly recommend it. There are almost always new posts every day. While the writing isn’t always the highest quality (and some of the storiesContinue reading “A site for your more prurient needs”

Incredible Gear

I am always looking for some new and interesting gear for BDSM activities. While perusing Thndrshark’s website the other day, I came across some truly amazing bondage gear. Martin’s rigid cuffs are exactly that. Extremely solid, durable, aluminum shackles with a very modern look. Many designs are linked by thick solid metal as well. TheseContinue reading “Incredible Gear”